Screens and Thumbs

No Phone? No Problem!


Technology plays an important role in our society today, and almost everything is based around it making it difficult to avoid. Because of this, everyone assumes that an individual has a phone. Phones specifically, are used and seen all the time and for many, is a necessity. I understand that it may seem like this but it is definitely not the case. I for one do not own a phone. With me being a freshman, this is very aggravating and embarrassing at times. However, I am grateful that I have learned how to live a great life without a phone.

While I do not own a phone, I do own an iPod. So, I am very thankful that I at least have something as many do not. However, an iPod user does not have a phone number making it impossible to call others. Fortunately, one can text but only when wifi is available. This all results in a constant cycle of asking people if I could please borrow their phone to call my mom for a ride or bring something that I forgot at home. The miserable embarrassment of asking people younger than me if I could borrow his or her phone is torturous but bearable. Because of the immense amount of phones around, stressing over not being able to contact others is extremely unnecessary. Trust me, an individual will definitely be able to find a phone to borrow.

In addition, not having a phone is just overall difficult. On many occasions I have many annoyances that occur from not owning a phone. For example, when I go on long trips with friends, the car ride is terrible. While everyone uses their data on snapchat and instagram, I sit doing nothing. Someone without a phone is not able to quickly look up a song, google the answer to a random question, find directions to Starbucks, or ask people to “hmu” because a very long, boring car ride is ahead of them. Instead, one may read a book, play cards, sleep, talk, or just simply sit.

In contrast, not owning a phone can be a good thing. Because of my head not always being bent over a screen, I am more aware of my surroundings and what’s occurring. Life is living in the moment without recording it, texting people about it, or wasting it over a tiny piece of metal. Phones can become addictive and consuming. On the screen is edited pictures, make-pretend games, and perfect lives faked over social media, but beyond the screen is a reality filled with no abbreviations but actual words, no emojis but real faces with emotion, and actual socialization between people not screens and thumbs.

Phones are an amazing and helpful invention. They allow individuals to perform many tasks, stay connected with people, capture moments, and stay organized with their crazy lives. Our society makes technology almost a priority and most things are based around it. However, phones are a privilege, not a necessity. Life may be more embarrassing, annoying, and difficult without a phone, but I assure all, that it is bearable and maybe, even better. Life without a phone keeps one aware, present, independent, and social.

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