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Sleepin’ Joe vs Chinaman Braun


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     Politics have stood near our grounds since the beginning of time and today make up a very hot topic.


     Election time has rolled around and many politicians have campaigned throughout the state as well as the U.S. Two of the most talked about candidates in Indiana are running for the senate of Indiana: Republican Mike Braun and Democrat Joe Donnelly.

     Currently, Todd Young is the republican senator and Joe Donnelly is the democrat senator in the Hoosier state. 

     Many people are sick and tired of hearing about how bad each politician is through many commercials and ads that have scanned across the TV. Both Braun and Donnelly started throwing out ads and commercials in hopes to become the next senate of Indiana.

     Braun put out a hot-talked-about topic commercial about sleepin’ Joe since he missed out on committee meetings in Washington and Donnelly says Braun is called Chinaman Braun because he ships and receives parts to China.

     President Trump and well as former President Obama campaigned for their parties this past week here in Indiana. President Trump ventured to Indianapolis Friday afternoon to campaign for candidate Mike Braun as the next senator of Indiana. During Trump’s speech, he said, ““The choice in this election could not be more simple: A Republican Congress means more jobs and less crime.” This statement could be the turning point for many Indiana citizens to choose Mike Braun as the next senator of Indiana. Trump also brought democrats down by saying, “As we speak, Democrats are openly encouraging millions of illegal aliens to violate our laws, overrun our borders and totally bankrupt our country.”

     Also, former President Barack Obama toured Indiana in hopes to determine many people to vote for Democrat candidate Joe Donnelly. Obama brought many people to cheers during his speech stating, “He was honest and he was direct. So you can count on that. That’s what you want. You don’t want just a yes man all the time.” Obama brought many voters to choose Obama himself as the president of the United States. Did he make Hoosiers want to vote for Donnelly by campaigning in the greatest state in the country?

     Many citizens fail to vote when the time comes around. According to, 56% of Americans voted in the 2016 presidential election.


     Other local politicians running are:


Republican: Edward C. Schroder

                        Democrat:    Dale Campbell

Cass County Commissioner:

Republican: Ryan D. Browning

Independent: Gary Davis

Cass County District 2:

Republican: Grover C. Bishop

Democrat: Tia Justice

Cass County District 4:

Republican: Brian Reed

Democrat: Rick Ohman

Eel Township Trustee:

Republican: Mark Strong

Democrat: Michael E. (Mike) Fincher

Eel Township Member (pick 3)

Republican: Ricky J. Bernhardt

Republican: Shirley M. Bishop

Democrat:  Steve Clary

Democrat: Rob McMinn

Democrat: Julie M. Morris

Jackson Township Trustee:

Republican: Sunny Saylor Gordon

Democrat: Kim Tocco

Royal Center Town Board at Large (choose two):

Republican: Clayton Freels

Republican: Kelly S. Magee

Democrat: Don Conn III

Lewis Cass School Board District 4:

Ryan Zeck

Mitch Lynn Zehring

Pioneer School Board District 4:

Rachelle Pearson

Brandi Rinehart


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3 Responses to “Sleepin’ Joe vs Chinaman Braun”

  1. Jack Salyers on November 6th, 2018 11:17 am

    Great Story Dixon! I loved how you explained why people hate seeing there ads on Television. I also enjoyed how you wrote about how President Donald Trump visited Indiana this passed Friday. Keep up the amazing work.

  2. Bowe Brooks on November 8th, 2018 9:12 am

    I really enjoyed reading your article Dixon. I think it’s good that you talked about who was running for what position. I also enjoyed how you had the fact about how many Americans fail to vote, because that is something that needs to change.

  3. Alex Myers on November 9th, 2018 8:22 am

    Great article Dixon. This was a good read for anyone who hasn’t read about any of the candidates. This gave out some great info. I liked how you listed everyone who ran for positions and what they ran for.

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