Another Great NBA2k!


The Cover of NBA2k19 with Giannis Antetokounmpo on it.

The annual release of NBA2k by Visual Concepts is amazing for NBA2k19. Last year’s release of NBA2k18 was not that great. Nothing was great with that game besides the game play mode. NBA2k19 came back with an excellent game with every game mode getting a lot better than last years. The cover athlete for the game is Los Angeles Lakers forward Lebron James and my favorite basketball player small forward for the Milwaukee Bucks Giannis Antetokounmpo. NBA2k is a basketball video game where you can play with your favorite NBA basketball players. The game is a simulation of basketball so the game also looks great. Sometimes I forget if I’m playing the game or watching a real NBA broadcast.


NBA2k19 comes with a lot of things to do. My favorite by far is Mypark. Mypark is a game mode where you go to a fictional neighborhood and play three-on-three or two on two. This game mode is very fun because I play with my friends and we are always trying to take down other good players online. Playing Mypark is also fun by just running around the neighborhood buying clothes or playing dodgeball with other players in your lobby.


My Career is also one of my favorite modes as well. This mode is where people create their own NBA player and upgrade them to be one of the best players in the league. I like this mode because I will never be in the NBA and it’s cool to hear by name be called out by the announcers for making a big three pointer for my team. Career mode always has a story to it and this one is a great one. Your player starts his pro career in China after his college basketball career is over. After that, you make your way to Fort Wayne to play for the Mad Ants that are in the  G-League of the NBA. Then after that, NBA teams offer you contracts and you negotiate with them and join a actual NBA team. You can use your MyCareer player in the Mypark as well.


MyLeague is a franchise mode where you take over any NBA team and lead them to the NBA championship. I love this mode a lot because being a NBA general manager is my dream job. My strategy in this mode is to trade most of the players for young guys with potential and draft well and seek great players in free agency.


MyTEAM is the mode I play the least of. This mode is about collecting cards of NBA players in a game and playing with the guys on the court. In my opinion, this game mode takes forever to get all the great players to win. I dislike this mode because I always have bad players on my team and get beat bad by the other player I am up against.


NBA2k is a great game to play. I like this game a lot because I’m a huge basketball fan and playing with my favorite players on the court is super fun. If you are a sports fan, I highly recommend this game to you because you will be blown away by this game. NBA2K is always the best sports game on the market each year. I hope everyone picks up this game and it helps them better understand basketball and enjoy the NBA more.

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