Applying to College

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Applying to College


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Applying to a college is an extremely nerve wracking process. This is something that can determine someone’s whole future. Usually people meet their future spouse in college. It determines who you are going to marry, who your kids are going to be, and your career. It’s not easy to decide where to apply, let alone where to attend.

Something to think about is, “Where do I want to be in the next five to ten years?” For example, I know I absolutely do not want to live in Indiana for the rest of my life. Of course, I love my family and enjoy being close to them, but there’s better things out there than this small, midwestern state. This question really helped me in my process of finding schools to apply to.

Over the summer I searched different colleges all over the country. I didn’t want to leave any place out just because I had never thought of it before. It’s good to be open minded and consider different things. Originally I wanted to be on the west coast, but now I am only applying to one school out there. From all my searching, I found out that a good number of schools to apply to is four to six. I am applying to five. IUPUI, Eastern Washington University, IU South Bend, the University of Southern Indiana, and West Virginia, a school in a state that I would not expect to even consider.

West Virginia is a very red state, and I am a democrat. I’ve wanted to move and be around like-minded people for so long, but this school is really spectacular. The university is also a blue wave in a sea of red, so there’s more going for me than I would’ve thought. It’s a beautiful campus with mountains, school spirit, and the real, American college experience that I want. The dorms are nice, they have loads of students benefits, and a family-like bond with the school and each other. After researching this school, I found that these people are really into school spirit and love their beautiful state, which I think is so amazing. I can really see myself there.

I want to be a dental hygienist and not many schools have that program. It’s mostly small community colleges that have that, but I want a college experience people think about when they think “college.” I want to live in a dorm, be in a sorority, and go to football games with my friends. Most places with dental hygiene, sadly don’t have that. I had to look hard for schools that have what I want, but I do think it’s worth it.

Every school I applied to, I applied for a reason. IUPUI has that college experience that I mentioned, is in a city, and is in state. It isn’t my first choice, but it isn’t my last. Eastern Washington University is closer to my brother; it’s beautiful, is a typical college, and is on the west coast. IU South Bend in just a back up, but I do like that it’s in a city and the University of Southern Indiana is another backup.

It was hard to decide where to apply, but now all I have to do is apply to my backup schools and hear back from everywhere else. I am very nervous to hear back from West Virginia University, but I am very hopeful. This process has definitely been a learning experience and is something I don’t want to do ever again.

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