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Have you ever heard of the Megalodon? The creature is a giant shark that has gone extinct, but the movie The Meg explores a scenario in which the shark never went extinct. The shark actually lived at the bottom of the ocean and wasn’t seen for many years. The actual shark was recorded to have a maximum length of 59 feet according to fossil remains, but the movie describes the shark as 70 to 75 feet in length to make the movie more exciting. The Meg focuses on a team of oceanographers that are exploring the bottom of the ocean when they come across a creature thought to be extinct for a long time.

The movie begins with an expert diver named Jonas Taylor saving a crew in a wrecked submarine. They are attacked by an unknown creature, and Jonas has to make a quick decision to do what’s best for his crew. Nobody believes Jonas when he explains that he had to leave some crew members behind due to the unknown danger. Therefore, many people don’t agree with his decision, and he ends up losing his job along with the trust of many other members. Five years later, Jonas is called to help with a rescue mission for a crew that was experiencing the same situation he did years ago, and he reluctantly agrees to help them.  

Jonas begins the rescue mission to save not only the wrecked submarine but also another diver who tried to save the crew. The other diver encountered a giant shark while she was at the bottom of the ocean, and the crew later figures out the creature is the supposedly extinct Megalodon. The crew members come to a disagreement about what to do with the shark. Some members want to kill the shark, but other members want to use the shark to study and expand their knowledge of ocean creatures. Soon, everyone starts to realize the great dangers that the giant shark brings. They all join together to save the lives of others and take down the Meg. This proves to be a difficult task that comes with many sacrifices.

I enjoyed this movie because it entertained me. I think some parts of the movie were predictable, and I wish more exciting scenes were spread throughout the whole movie instead of most of the scenes being towards the end. However, I still think it was a good movie overall. The Meg is rated PG-13 mainly for violence, gore, and frightening scenes. I would recommend this movie to anyone who isn’t easily scared by sharks because most frightening scenes show the giant shark attacking boats, people, or even other sharks.

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