Experiencing the first “Flawless” event!

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Experiencing the first “Flawless” event!


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“You are altogether beautiful my darling, there is no flaw in you.” -Song of Solomon 4:7


November 17th was a very special day, the first ever “Flawless” event. This event was hosted at Cross America from 9a.m-5p.m. Flawless was created to minister to younger girls how beautiful and flawless they are to God and to open their hearts and let them see themselves through his eyes. The guest list included 60 girls, and each of them was assigned a mentor that would lead the through the day and stay in contact with them afterwards, and I received the privilege to serve as one of these mentors. I felt completely honored.

In the summer, I received a text to become a mentor for this amazing event. I said yes, and before I knew it, I was attending meetings and praying for each and every girl that would attend. A lot of people had to lend a hand and come together to allow this event to take place, and the process of it was truly amazing. None of this ministery could have been done without Elizabeth Jernagan, the director and inventor of Flawless. She put it all together and worked so hard to make it all perfect, and she succeeded.

This event was hosted for girls ages 11 through 15. As these young girls entered, they chose to walk through one of two different doors. One said “beautiful” and the other said “average.” As I saw several girls walk through the average door, my heart felt as if it were tearing. That was the moment I knew how important this day was going to be for each of these girls.

Throughout the flawless event five different people gave a talk, each with a different story and different lesson. After each talk we would split into our table groups and discuss the talk. This time allowed girls to open up and let their stories be told. These girls all had different home lives, attended different school, and had different life stories. This made some moments difficult to comprehend or understand, but they were provided with the love they needed.

To make sure these young ladies had an amazing day, the flawless team planned several different activities. They won prizes, braided their hair, learned about makeup, and made crafts. Along with all this flawless had an amazing drama team that performed skits and dances for the guests. On top of all this excitement, the kitchen team was marvelous and prepared several delicious snacks throughout the day.

Before we sent these girls back to their homes, we had one more lesson. This talk hit home to some of the girls and ended with tears. The most amazing thing happened at the end of this talk. About five girls came to know Jesus Christ and accepted him into their hearts; this was a very heartwarming moment. At the end of the day, the girls wrote something they believed about themselves that was negative on a piece of paper. They then received the chance to tear it in half and throw it away in a trash can labeled flawless. Afterwards they received a sash, a flower crown, and a Bible to go home with. Then the whole room turned into a big party! It was so much fun, and the experience was one I will remember forever. The girls got one last chance to chose beautiful or average. Every single girl went through the beautiful door as they remembered, “There is no flaw in you.”

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