A Busy Version of Thanksgiving

Delightful smells of delicious food being cooked completely overflow the house. Laughing family members and friends occupy the never-ending amount of time with games and chit-chat until the the feast can begin. Everyone eagerly waits as the food slowly is being set on the table one dish at a time. Chicken noodles, turkey, green beans, rolls, ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes, casseroles, and salads all of which tempt me more and more to just sneakily take a quick bite. Although waiting forever to eat the delicious food  is torture, I always enjoy when Thanksgiving rolls back around every year, and I can spend it with my family and friends.

At my house, Thanksgiving calls for a busy few days of food, thankfulness, shopping, parades, cleaning, and lots of laughter. Every year my family and I host the annual Thanksgiving Feast. While I love hosting it, the preparations are very stressful and time consuming. Since my mom always emphasizes how the house must be perfect and spotless clean, my days before Thanksgiving are spent sweeping, dusting, organizing, and doing lots of dishes. I help my mom with the intense cleaning before Thanksgiving because I actually earn money depending on how hard I worked for Black Friday shopping.

Once the cleaning has finished and Thanksgiving day finally arrives, food needs to start being made. My dad always starts with the turkey. After putting the turkey in the oven, we all pitch in and begin making the other dishes. During that time, uncles, aunts, cousins, grandmas, grandpas, nieces, and nephews slowly file in and fill up the house with eager chit-chat and laughter. Before I know it, chicken noodles, mashed potatoes, turkey, ham, green beans, rolls, casseroles, stuffing, and many other dishes cover the table before my eyes. Even though everyone is so ready to just dig in, we pray and express our thankfulness before eating.

Then, the feast finally begins! Everyone stacks his or her plate with tasty foods and pours themself a glass of apple cider to drink. At the dinner table, everyone dives into their food while catching up with each other about their lives. I really enjoy these moments during Thanksgiving when I can catch up with family and have fun. During this time, I make sure to speak to everyone and ask them questions about their accomplishments, big events, or anything new that happened in the last year. For instance, my grandpa bought a new truck, and he loves it. Our family always seems to really come together at this time.

Sooner or later, the eating becomes slower and people are developing a sweet tooth. In a blink, turkey and rolls are replaced by pumpkin and apple pies, cookies, and pudding.I absolutely love chocolate pie. Every year I get so excited to eat chocolate pie and this year was definitely not an exception. Of course by the time dessert rolls around, everyone is already getting full, so each bite is a forced spoonful of heaven which slowly just becomes too much that no one can eat anymore. Before anyone can carb crash, our family members begin to say good-bye and goes home.

In contrast to their day, my day is definitely not over. After everyone leaves, I do some last minute chores to earn some extra cash, and then I get ready for a very long night of shopping. It has become a tradition that every year after Thanksgiving, I meet up with one of my best friends Aleya and her mom and some other friends in Kokomo. All night, we shop to hopefully get the best deals. I look forward to Black Friday every year. Aleya and I make timeless memories, and we have such a fun time filled with laughter.

I always use Black Friday for my Christmas Shopping. I prepare a list of things I need to buy for certain people and then I spend the long night hunting for the items under the best deals. This year i was pretty successful and even bought some things for myself. As the night gets older, stores start to close and it becomes harder to shop. Luckily, we have the whole next day to shop too.

About a hundred stores later, the epic Black Friday shopping trip has come to end, and we decided to end it off with some burgers and shakes at Steak N Shake. While hungrily stuffing our mouths with mouthwatering burgers and sipping thick, creamy milk shakes, we recapped what we bought and talked about the upcoming holidays. Not only is Thanksgiving exciting because of the food and family but also because it brings december and Christmas!

After I got home from the exhausting night and day, I showed my mom all what I bought (except for what I got her of course), and then took a much needed nap. Unfortunately, my day was still not over. Because I was honored as Junior Miss Cass County this summer, I got the opportunity to participate in the Light Up Parade in Logansport. The Light Up Parade is an event that the Cass County community puts together every year to welcome the season’s greetings. It is a very good way to start of  the Christmas season in a fun, entertaining way. I was so very excited to be part of this because I remember watching the Light Up Parade from when I was a little girl.

When I got to my float, I was also very happy to see the fellow queens and catch up with them. For the parade I was able to stand in a Jeep with Kyla (Teen Miss Cass County). Kyla and I had a great time talking while throwing candy to the little girls and boys and waving. I find it very cool that I was in something that I used to watch as a little girl, so I will definitely remember the parade and the memories I had from that night.

My Thanksgiving this year will for sure be one to remember with delicious food, amazing family and friends, and the fatigue from the rush of events. This year I was so thankful to be able to buy my friends and family Christmas gifts while making great memories with one of best friends. Also, being a part of the Logansport Light Up Parade was an unforgettable experience. Even though i was busy and rushed, I still had an amazing Thanksgiving surrounded with the people I love.

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