Struggling to Say Goodbye


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Dear Romeo,
         The love, the licks, and the exciting tail wags has made your journey feel endless. When we chose you as a puppy, my mom picked you because of your floppy ears. You were irresistibly cute. My family was ready to take you home, and shortly after you became Romeo Thompson.

I was too young to remember much of you being a puppy. I do know that I didn’t like you because you would just knock me down every time you came to me. I also remember you getting in trouble for peeing in the house, but my family, however, still grew to fall in love with you and took you everywhere we went.  

As a whole family, we took camping trips. You really loved going to Tennessee and seeing my grandparents and visiting the creeks. The campground with the creek, you knew by heart. We put you on a leash and you would drag us down to the creek to be covered in mud and come back wet, but then you would be mad at my parents for making you stay outside till you were dry. You liked lying under our shaded camper with your tongue hanging out and your tail perked up. You loved family vacations, but you never stayed on your side of the truck while traveling, so I would always end up covered in fur by the time we arrived.

We took naps together, played together, and went to our pond together all the time. We went to the pond together to feed the fish. You only went to eat the fish food because you were one crazy dog. You had your own fenced in backyard, and man did you like to play when we were in it. When I would have friends over, you would always get all the attention, but you were so cute. How could they resist just one pet on the head?

Our memories extending even farther than that as we grew up together hand and paw. Your birthday was April 1st and mine April 2nd, and we were only two years apart. You were always the crazy puppy, and I was the crazy kid. All through your journey, I never thought of the end. You fell one night and let out a weeping cry. You cried all night, so we had to take you to the vet. They diagnosed you with cancer, but that was not the end of your story. You kept going with the help of medicine.

I know you will never be able to read this because you are a dog, but you mean so much more to me. Last night finding out we would have to put you down on November 30th was the hardest news for me. You may be a dog, but this news was as hard as hearing about one of my family members passing away. You are 14 years old and still have the face of the puppy you were when we adopted you. You will always be my favorite hello and my hardest goodbye. Your time is no longer endless. Rest in peace, and Romeo know that…. I love you.

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