“The Great Christmas Light Fight”


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Around this time of year, many people like to visit We Care Park to see the beautiful display of Christmas lights. McKayla Thompson, a junior at Cass, said, “I love how colorful and bright the lights are and how they really display a cheerful tone for the holiday season.” We Care, a non-profit organization, was created to raise funds to donate to the less fortunate. Every year, a fundraising event takes place during the first full weekend of December. During the event called We Care Telethon, donated items are auctioned off to raise money for different organizations in Kokomo. Some of these organizations include the Kokomo Rescue Mission, Salvation Army, and Bona Vista Rehabilitative Services. The We Care Park is one of many examples of the great things put together by this organization.

This year the We Care Park will be featured in ABC’s “The Great Christmas Light Fight.” This television show presents many different and unique Christmas displays across the country. The displays are judged by Carter Oosterhouse and Taniya Nayak, and a winner is chosen to receive a grand prize. Four different families or groups are selected to take part in the competition for each episode. Once the judges decide on a winner, the winning group receives $50,000. Along with the money, the winners also receive a trophy shaped like a giant Christmas light.  

In an interview with Kokomo Tribune, We Care owner Mike Wyant stated that even if they don’t win, they’ve “won anyways because Kokomo is going to be featured all over the United States,” and he’s honored to be apart of it. The episode was actually filmed last year but will premiere this Monday on December 3rd. This episode provides a great opportunity in giving recognition to the people that put countless hours into setting up We Care Park every year. Many different businesses and volunteers help out with this setup, and “The Great Christmas Light Fight” will show the amazing results of their hard work.    

Along with being a great opportunity for recognition, this feature is a very exciting event for the town of Kokomo. This television show has never showed a Christmas display from Indiana, so the We Care Park in Kokomo will be the first attraction from Indiana featured on this show. I’m very excited to see how the display looks on television, and I think We Care Park has a great chance of winning. The episode will premiere on Channel 6 at 8 p.m; for more information about the show, check out the website www.abc.go.com/shows/the-great-christmas-light-fight.

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