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As many of you know the College Football Playoff committee selected the four teams that will be playing in it this year. There was a little confusion between the commitee with the selections this year in the three and four spots but at the one and two spots there was no confusion. The teams selected were Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame, and Oklahoma.


This is the first time since the playoffs have started that there are two undefeated teams. The only difference between the two is that one team has one more win than the other. Why you may ask? Alabama is 13-0 while Notre Dame is 12-0 because Alabama is in the South Eastern Conference and Notre Dame is Independent.


Alabama comes in at the number one spot in the lates rankings after finishing the regular season undefeated. They had a cake walk for most of the way as they always do. Up until this last week they have won almost every game by double digits. Georgia changed that Saturday as they were leading by 14 going into the fourth quarter. Alabama came back and won the game 32-28 and won their conference yet again.


Clemson is right behind Alabama at the number two spot finishing their season as conference champions but they do have a loss against Syracuse. Clemson is a young but very talented team. Leading the Tiger offense is freshman phenom quarterback Trevor Lawrence. He leads the ACC in touchdown passes thrown and also passing yards. As a freshman to do that you have to be the real deal, and so far Trevor has shown that he is the real deal.


Coming in at number three is the 12-0 Fighting Irish. Notre Dame has a pretty easy schedule considering the fact that they are an independent team which means they don’t belong to any specific conference. Despite the easy schedule they play two Big Ten teams and  4 SEC teams. They opened the season up with their toughest game of the season so far against Michigan. They won that game and have not lost since then, and hope to stay undefeated through the playoffs.


Last but not least is number four Oklahoma. Oklahoma finished their regular season with only one loss against Texas. They suffered this loss in the Red River Rivalry during week three in an absolute shoot out. The Sooners are coming off of a big win against Texas and they are hoping to stay hot with their electric quarterback Kyler Murray.

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