Open Letter to The Coach Who Changed Me

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Open Letter to The Coach Who Changed Me


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To the Coach Who Changed Me – Coach Rush,


People always talk about coaches who ruin a sport for them, causing them to want to quit, but that’s not the case for me and cross country. In the middle of my eighth grade year, I almost didn’t even come out for my freshman season because I didn’t think I’d be any good nor did I think I’d enjoy it. However, you were determined to get me out for the team. You were so determined that you made sure to talk to my dad to make sure I’d be there at the summer workouts. You believed in me when I didn’t even believe in myself, and for that, I’m beyond thankful for you. If it weren’t for you being determined to get me out for the team, I probably wouldn’t have had the most enjoyable four years.


Most coaches aren’t understanding when things come up, but my freshman season my family was going through some really tough stuff with my dad getting let off, and you told me you understood and that you would be there if I needed anything. And you definitely were there for me from giving me rides to and from practices to being understanding when I wasn’t able to pay for my uniform right away. You were there for me even after the season during my freshman year when I went through my first serious breakup. This may sound silly but you being there for me during the school day when I was away from my mom meant the world to me. You made sure to check in on me and tell me that boys weren’t worth it and that I needed to focus on my friendships. At that time I didn’t think you knew what you were talking about, but now I wish I would’ve listened a little more.


During the season, you put a lot of time into us girls from early morning practices to late nights putting workouts together. We may not always act as if we appreciate it, and I can’t speak for everyone when I say this but I know I appreciated it. Just knowing someone cared enough about her team to put us first and put so much time into us meant the world to me. You never set the bar too high for us either; you set it where you knew we could reach it. Even though we may not have reached it, we now can look back and see where we went wrong and where we could’ve fixed it all thanks to your help.


I truly don’t think we’ve thanked you enough or given you the appreciation you deserve. I know this definitely didn’t do it any justice, but I hope you have an idea of just how much we appreciate you.


With lots of thanks, appreciation, and love,

Yours Truly

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