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SADD Farewell


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This year is full of many goodbyes. Some may be to sports. Some may be to friends. This one is to SADD. This past Saturday many of us Seniors attended our last SADD dance. It feels like just last year when I attended my first SADD dance. I didn’t realize how fast time really flew once senior year started.


This weekend was hectic. Starting the weekend off, the boys’ basketball team traveled to Caston for a very hard fought game. Our boys really represented our schools determined overall mind when it comes to sports. In the end, we came out on top winning 54-44. The game was very intense and exciting which enabled everyone to get  their minds off what time they had to be where and how they were getting their hair done the next day.


Soon after the game ended, all of these thoughts came back. Many were stressed due to all of the events during the day. The swim team had a meet at Tipton, the boys basketball team traveled to Indianapolis for a basketball game at IUPUI vs Ball State University. Many, that didn’t have sports, had other obligations in the morning such as work or family events. With all of the busy schedules, many students were stressed about being back in time and making it where they needed to in time. Our group was affected by this.


My group contained Madi Rodabaugh, Braeden Bryant, Taylor Rodabaugh, Cory Wells, Ashli Key, David Woolever, Paxtyn Hicks, Matt McCauley, Rylee Holt, Kian Meister, Kate Gremelspacher, Nolan Young, Brooke Fortune, Kobe Hicks, and I. Having a few swimmers, basketball players, and other obligations, some were not able to be included in our pictures.


We took pictures at the Seiberling Mansion in Kokomo. We quickly hopped out of our cars ready to see everyone and how good they looked. We stood and talked in the parking lot for a few minutes complimenting each other on their hair, makeup, and how great their dresses looked. Our group walked around to the front of the building and began the pictures. Kobe and I got out our flowers and I started to pin his flower onto his shirt but failed. Luckily, someone jumped in and saved me from the embarrassment. Once we were able to get that situation figured out and I pit my corsage on my wrist, we started the pictures. Kobe and I took some pictures on our own at first and then a few with his sister Paxtyn and her date Matt. Towards the end as the girls’ toes started to go numb, we took group pictures. We took many serious ones and also a few funny ones. We were all ready to be done and get into our warm cars. After pictures, we headed to Half Moon where our entire group came together.

As I was sitting at dinner, it hit me that this would be the second to last time going to a high school dance. It would be my last SADD dance ever. This feeling hit me all at once and started to make me feel weird, but I knew that I had to keep my good spirits up and make the night the best I could. I tried to forget this thought and move on, but I still didn’t feel the same. I began talking with my friends and began to get away from this feeling and I finally did. We all had a great time at dinner and had great food.


We left Half Moon and followed one another to the Continental Ballroom. Walking in we were greeted by Mr. Bates. Kobe gave our tickets Mr. Smith and he checked us off the list. We continued in to a table and set our things down. Everyone was sitting at the beginning, like always, because no one wants to be the first to start dancing. They began playing the “Cupid Shuffle” and everyone burst to the dance floor. It had officially begun. Everyone sang to the songs and danced their hearts out. About halfway through the dance, they announced the SADD princess’ and princes’. Quietly sitting, everyone listened on the edges of their seats. In the sophomore class, Bella Panmei and David Woolever won. Of the Juniors McKayla Thompson and Isaac Chambers received the crowns. For the Seniors- a different story- the class of 2019 attendants were the most anxious ones at the dance. This was their last chances of winning SADD prince or princess. Mr. Bates announced that Trevor Kessler and Kenzie Silcox had won for their last SADD dance. They received their crowns and had their own dance. Once their dance was about done, everyone piled out onto the floor again and rejoined them.


The dance quickly came to an end. That wasn’t the end though. The hanging out after is also an important part the night of SADD. Most of our group left the dance and headed to Madi Rodabaugh’s boyfriend’s house. We all hung out in his basement singing karaoke and watching movies. We all left his house around 12:30 a.m. and everyone headed to the Rodabaugh’s. I ended up going home because I was super tired and knew I would have to be home early the next morning. I arrived home around 1:30 a.m. and went straight to bed.


Overall, starting off with a great basketball game and ending with hanging out with my friends, my SADD weekend was a great last experience. I hope everyone else had just as fun as I did and made it home safely. Do not take the little things for granted because soon they will come to an end.

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4 Responses to “SADD Farewell”

  1. Hannah Plauschin on December 7th, 2018 8:00 am

    Great article, Brannyn! I liked how you explained the whole experience, even from the basketball game. There was so many events going on Saturday that my group had troubles getting together as well. I can’t imagine realizing this would be your last SADD dance. I’m sure it would be heart wrenching.

  2. Caleb Johnson on December 7th, 2018 8:05 am

    I had an amazing time at SADD Brannyn! The way you described the dance was perfect. It felt short compared to the long weekend of stress behind it. I thought it was funny how the girls’ toes were freezing when you were taking pictures. Great Article!

  3. Lanie Miller on December 7th, 2018 9:26 am

    Great story Brannyn. I completely agree with how you are feeling too! SADD was so much fun, it’s sad that this was our last one.

  4. Kelsey Wise on December 10th, 2018 11:19 am

    Although I didn’t attend all years of SADD I can agree that it is emotional that we as Seniors are counting our last high school events down. You had a really big group of friends go with you and i am glad that you had a great last SADD dance with all those friends of yours! I really liked your article.

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SADD Farewell