An Unexpected Job Turned into A Dream

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An Unexpected Job Turned into A Dream


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As many high schoolers start to grow up, they start to panic when thinking of what they will be when they grow up; consequently, for Will Jay, he was one of those students that struggled to find his future career when he attended Lewis Cass. Will Jay had one hectic rollercoaster ride when he was in high school, but in the end, he finally found a career path and made ‘An unexpected Job Turned into A Dream.”

It all started when Will went through Econ, as a senior at Cass in 2008, where he had to plot a budget; therefore, he planned on being an anesthesiologist where he would make enough money that he could have anything he wanted. However, going into the medical field was not something that worked out for him so he also tried becoming an architect; however, when he arrived at Ball State, he realized that chemistry class got the best of him, and he dropped it.

“Finally, I took physics and realized that that was the path I wanted to take,” said Will Jay.

Once Will found his pathway through college, he earned a master’s degree at University of Cambridge in England and then continued on to get his Ph.D at the University of Colorado Boulder. After all the hard work, he landed a job in a National Fermilab in Chicago. The lab is an open campus; therefore, if any student reading this is very interested in becoming a Research Physicist like Will, then take a visit there!

“The job I do isn’t something common. I look for something that is deeper than the normal such as an atom is made of nucleus as to nucleus is made of nuclei and so on. However, what is the smallest particle made up of?” said Will.

For Will, his job isn’t something common at all. The job is something where a person has to think beyond what anyone does. They have to persevere through the hardships that not everything will work out when studying a certain subject. As for me, I noticed that Will is a very knowledged man that walked a confusing yet positive path to get him where he needed to be.

In high school, Will did many sports; however, swimming was the sport that brought him success and a life lesson. As he would practice hard, Will would reach times where he would want to stop and take a break because it hurt too bad or he was failing at his event; however, he would keep pushing through the unpleasant parts and kept going just as anyone can use in life. Sometimes there may be moments that someone can’t understand psychology or someone who is struggling in his math class; however, he just needs to take a deep breath to regroup himself which is what Will does as he comes across struggles in his work.

“Make the most of unexpected events, and don’t be afraid to dream big. If you work hard at Lewis Cass then you will be able to work hard anywhere you want to go,” said Will to the younger kids listening to this article.

Many of us struggle with trying to find the dream job because our peers tell us that we will never make it or we are scared to move on with life because it would be a big step; however, the beauty of life is being adventurous. If we don’t go after something we want or dream of becoming, then one day it may never be available to pursue. If you are reading this and you are scared about your future, don’t be. All you have to do is look at Will, and realize that if he can go from not knowing what he wanted to be to becoming a physiologist, then you are capable of doing the same with whatever career path you may choose.

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