Rip Tide


Movies are something that are watched often and for different events. Whether it be for a date night, family night, or just simply to watch a new movie that you so badly want to watch. Everyone has different favorite movies and/or genres. Each genre is unique and some movies can have multiple genres in it. This movie that I watched with my group of friends for my birthday was a winner. It had lots of suspense and heartfelt scenes as well as a little humor. RipTide was the movie that we watched and enjoyed.

This movie took place mostly in Australia. I personally love love love Australia and would absolutely love to go visit there one day. I just think that Australia is such a rad place and there are so many adventures there to experience. The scenery was so beautiful and watching the movie more than once really made me fall in love with the movie and Australia even more. Even though the movie mainly took place in Australia, it also showed some parts of New York as well. Both cities were represented in wonderful ways. Australia had such beautiful beaches and seemed so bright and happy. New York was portrayed as a busy city (in which it is) and a little gloomy.

The main character and the supporting characters did so good acting and made it seem as if I was there with them. The details and everything just made me want to be with them right then and there. The movie had a little bit of everything like humor, romance, and a little action. The scenes and scripts seemed so real and not staged for the most part. There was a lot of surfing involved in this movie and I personally think that surfing is such a cool and brave sport. There are so many sharks and dangerous sea creatures lurking in the waves, not only that but the possibility of drowning is a big chance. Not only is it scary, but it is so beautiful. Watching surfers go surf their hearts out is already so beautiful, that I cannot even fathom how it is to be the one actually surfing and being one with the ocean.

The main idea of the movie was to show a rising model whose life turned upside down after an embarrassing video of her was leaked. She thought it would be best if she went to Australia without telling her mother where her aunt lived. Everyone was dealing with something, whether they were the main character or not. Each problem all tied together at some point and everyone helped each other out. There were some unexpected drama and frustrating parts in the movie, but I won’t spill any beans or else that would not be any fun. I felt like each character had a role to fulfill in this movie (like they all do in all movies, duh) which made this movie more the worthwhile to watch.

In conclusion, I think this was one heck of a movie to watch and I would recommend it to anyone who is wanting to watch a movie for a date night or family night.I loved about everything about the movie and the simplest details that got my attention are my star favorites, but yet again, I must not share that information for it will be a major spoiler. So go check it out if you are wanting a movie to watch or just to chill and pass time.

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