Sports Nation Loses a Hero: Tyler Trent


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     After losing one of our own, we grieve and understand how hard it is to lose such a young student.


     Tyler Trent, a former Purdue student, was diagnosed with a rare case of bone cancer in high school. Trent previously broke his arm when playing ultimate frisbee during high school and it never healed properly. According to, Trent’s right arm was removed from elbow to shoulder and was replaced with titanium. After getting along with the surgery for a few years, cancer was later found in his pelvis. The doctors then informed Trent the best solution would be to replace his entire hip.

     Trent was known on the Purdue campus and around the area because of his love for sports and being such a great young kid. After battling since high school, he was to the point at the beginning of last year that he couldn’t walk on his own because of the cancer eating away his bones. Trent was always known for his love for Purdue football and athletics, but mainly to the Purdue student body and family until he and his friend from Carmel, Indiana camped out outside of the stadium in September of 2017 the night before the Purdue-Michigan football game to ensure to be first in line.

     Trent inspired many students and fans throughout the country due to his love for his team and for being such an inspiring person. According to, before Purdue played one of the top college football teams in America, the Ohio State Buckeyes, Trent predicted that Purdue would upset them in a thriller. Purdue went on to defeat the Buckeyes 49-20. After the game, Trent tweeted, “For those wondering – I have no idea what the winning Powerball numbers are.”

     Purdue then went on the road to face the Indiana Hoosiers in Bloomington on November 24. The IU family gladly helped Trent make it in attendance to see one of the biggest rivalries in college football. The Boilermakers went on to defeat the Hoosiers 28-21 in the Big Ten match-up.

     Tyler Trent was one of the most inspiring sports fans in the history of the sports era. During the fight for his life, he told a reporter, “Just realizing that whatever happens because of this, it’s going to come out for good, whether I see that now or not.” He fought and fought his way through life until nothing was left.

     On January 1, 2019, Trent passed away at the age of 20 years old. His funeral service was held in Indianapolis at College Park Church with one of his favorite athletes in attendance. Purdue quarterback David Blough spoke in remembrance of Trent during his funeral and informed the crowd how great of a young man Trent was. Blough said, “The 48 hours I got to spend with the Trent family at the college football awards show was easily the best 48 hours of my life.”

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