Pep Club is not Working

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Pep Club is not Working


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*Editor’s note: The intent of this article is not to call out Samuel Miller for not actively doing more for the Pep Club, but to call on the student population to attend more Sporting events. – Carl Jay

Last Saturday I attended the Lewis Cass Basketball games against Tri-Central. I often help Mrs. Densborn and her posse of 8th graders with the camera board that was installed last year. Besides running local business ads – of the businesses that helped pay for the board – one job of the camera/ computer crew involves putting several students on the board. This past Saturday we could not do this. Aside from the Band, Cheerleaders, and mandatory concession workers, the student populous was non existent.

I thought the new urge to join and participate in the pep club was really cool. To me, it feels as if everyone has just stopped caring about attending. The efforts to have a theme every game seems to have stopped. This really bums me out. I love going to basketball games and seeing everyone jazzed up in something silly. Now, that has stopped. The last few games I have gone to the non mandatory student populous is at max 10-15 people – scattered throughout the stands- not sitting in the student section. I think it reflects poorly on Lewis Cass when the opposing team pep club, who drive 30-45 minutes to attend, has a more concentrated section.

According to Caleb Johnson’s Lewis Cass Pep Club Reviewed, “Samuel Miller, leader of the Pep Club, has done an exceptional job at boosting the Pep Club’s enthusiasm and overall numbers.”

Johnson also commented on the social media presence of the Pep Club. He said that both Instagram and twitter have over 300 followers combined. With a strong media presence one can convey information in a fast, reliable format; this is very good. Miller actively posts content on his Instagram, LCK_PEP_CLUB, and Twitter, LCK_PepClub, for updates always check these. According to Lewis Cass Pep Club Reviewed, Miller’s goal is to create a “fun atmosphere” and “better appreciation” for the Lewis Cass student-athletes.

Miller negotiated with the Athletic Department that all students who bought the Pep Club shirt would get into all home games -off all sports- just with the ten dollar shirt cost. This was HUGE. Home game admission is five dollars; therefore, by going to 2 home games you have paid made up the cost of the shirt and do not have to pay to get in. This seemed to work at first, but now nobody is going to games with their shirts – or at all.

The reasons to go to the game, in my opinion, outweigh not going.

For example,

Pros: You get to see your friends, you can watch an exciting game, and you can make memories for a lifetime.

Cons: You are not seeing your friends, you don’t watch an exciting game, and you are not making memories for a lifetime at a fun game.

“I definitely find more energy and drive to push myself to my limit when people are in the crowd cheering me on,” Robert Fitch, a JV basketball player, told me.

Caleb Johnson said, “At conference, I have thrown some of my best shot and disk throws because of the huge crowd of Lewis Cass students cheering me on.”

I know that when I have other students watching me swim and run that I will do better. It is really powerful to know that you have people that are not on your team that care about your performance.

No person can make you go to the games; however, the student athletes appreciate your attendance. When you go, you are supporting the Lewis Cass Athletic Department as well. You can find the game schedule on the Lewis Cass School Website under the calendar tab. It is listed as LCH Event Calendar.  

Early in the 80’s, the Lewis Cass pep club was huge!



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