Previewing the Annual Halftime Show!

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Previewing the Annual Halftime Show!


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Our minds are all stressed, our nerves are coming alive, and we feel as if we are running out of time. The Lewis Cass Cheerleaders are beginning the work for the annual halftime show on February 15th. A lot of people don’t realize how much time goes into a performance like this. Preparing the music, learning the moves, mastering the stunts, and then putting it all together is quite a job. With a little over a month to have everything ready, the cheerleaders are cramming in extra practices.

This week the cheerleaders are choosing their mountmen to help lift the girls in the halftime show. Being chosen with such short notice, the guys are going to have to learn fast. We have three guys that took on this challenge: Bryce Reish, Roland Trusty, and Joe Shaffer. The girls, however, still have a lot to do. Every year the seniors make up the dance to the halftime show. We started off the season with three seniors but now are down to two.  This year only having two seniors, Branynn Spencer and Kallie Nies, they have to work hard and be creative. We have only learned half that dance, and we haven’t worked with the junior high on their part of the show. This is where the stress takes part. Malloreigh Clippard, a junior cheerleader, said, “We have a lot we have to do to prepare for it and not a lot of time to do it.” The cheerleaders started out the season with 14 girls, but for the halftime show we are now down to 11. This means formations change, stunt groups change, and we all must be able to adapt quickly.

Although this time can be a bit difficult, it is so much fun. Carley Musall, a sophomore cheerleader, said, “I am excited for the halftime show! It’s always my favorite part of the season.”

We get to dance, laugh, stunt, and more. All the practices just lead up to the big performance that we all have fun with and get to show off our hard work. We are all excited to see what we can all accomplish when we work together. This is also the most exciting part of basketball season for the seniors because it is their time to shine.

Branynn Spencer, a senior cheerleader, said, “The most exciting part for me would be the senior part. I am very shy in front of big crowds, but I think it will be fun for Kallie and me to have our own part since it is our last big performance of the season.”

Overall, I believe the halftime show will be great this year. The music is very upbeat and energetic; some songs include “In my feelings” and “Only Girl.” We are all ready to dance our hearts out for the grand performance. Being a cheerleader is so much more than wearing skirts and bows; We get to show off our talents and getting to do what we love. The halftime show gives us cheerleaders the chance to show this. I hope to see everyone there on February 15th to watch the halftime show and support our Kings.

All those who performed last year in the halftime show

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