The horror of family functions!


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All high school students go through the same thing at every family function. With the end of our first semester finished, the plans of our future are slowly being questioned by everyone we know. Everybody knows what to expect walking through the door at a family function, especially when wearing ripped jeans. The questions seem to be put on repeat the longer the day goes on. Each and every family member will ask the same question just at different moments in the day. The questions can vary from love life to future plans; we are even asked why in the world we bought jeans with holes already in them.


Everyone knows the regular topic of finding a significant other arises first thing. “Are you dating anyone yet” is a question most grandparents tend to ask. Not to laugh in your face about being completely alone but to see if they need to keep talking about you at their weekly brunch date. They just don’t want you to end up alone… forever. No matter how many people ask or when they ask, all of us cannot help but to wish they wouldn’t ask.


Soon after everyone stops asking about your boring love life, they soon switch the topic to future plans, especially when college deadlines are starting to surface. First comes the question of, “Where do you want to go to college?” Then follows with the bigger question of, “Have you been accepted?” This is a topic that is harder to answer than if you are still single or not. Of course everyone has to know every detail of what you plan to do at college to who your roommate will be. The questions seem never ending that is until grandma notices the gaping hole in your jeans.


Finally, a topic to laugh about arises. You survived almost breaking down in tears talking about everything that life has thrown at you in the last few months and what is yet to come. You take a deep breath and push aside the heartache that was just dragged to the surface of your mind. As the family continues to ask the question, “Did you buy your jeans that way,” or even the friendly, “Do you want me to fix those for you?”


As much as you love your family and know they mean the best by asking you a thousand different questions at family functions, you secretly wish they would just stop for a second. Maybe the thought of recording yourself seems better than answering each question every time it comes up. That way as soon as you walk in the door you can just press play and everyone can listen to every answer to every question they ask. Even though we dread the flood of questions and having to answer all of them at every stop, we still grin a little knowing so many people care about how our lives are turning out.

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