The Record Breaking Shutdown

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The Record Breaking Shutdown


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In the news lately I’m sure you have heard that the United States is going through a government shut-down. Most of us, myself included, may not even know what a shut-down is or even what that may mean for our society. So I have decided to research it to find out just how bad this alarming situation may be.

A government shutdown is something that happens quite frequently. In fact it has happened three times in the past year. This is caused when congress fails to appropriate funds. In this case of failed funds, the cause is President Trump’s border wall.. The recent shutdown is an exact cause of the congress voting against Trump’s bill to fund the $5.7 billion project to build a southern wall. The exact cause of the shutdown is Trump not getting the money he needed for the southern border wall.

The shutdown has been going on for an alarming amount of time. Since the start of the shut-down, December 21, 2018, to now the partial government shutdown has lasted a record 26 days as of January 16, 2019. This isn’t good for many reasons. Most of which I’m sure is obvious. The country is losing money! There are a lot of jobs in the United States that are funded federally, which means those people either aren’t getting paid or are being furloughed. Roughly nine key job fields are being affected by the shutdown. These departments include commerce, agriculture, transportation, interior, state, justice, treasury, housing, and the most ironic one, homeland security. These fields hold roughly 800,000 workers that are either working without pay or are just plain not working. This shutdown is very alarming due to the fact neither side wants to back down. Trump, who has nationally expressed that he is the sole cause of the shutdown, has no intent on backing down anytime soon. Trump has been seen stating that this shutdown can go on for “months, or even years.”

Due to the government being shut down a lot of people are frantic about what may come next for them. The people being affected by this shutdown are currently living without their first paycheck as of last Friday, January 11, 2019. Most people interviewed said that they could go up to a month without that paycheck, but little to none said that they could go a year without it. In about nine more days our country will have lost roughly $6 billion dollars due to this shutdown. That is $.3 billion more than what Trump is originally asking for in the first place! This alone should give congress the incentive to find a common ground on this topic or to give into the border project.

Granted this topic has many different sides. Either Trump surrenders or Congress surrenders. But the fact of the matter is, if nothing is done, our society could surely keep going down due to the stubbornness of our representatives in Washington D.C. Is the wall really so important to Trump that he continues to veto bills passed to help the people that are losing money due to his project? Or should he give up his idea of a border in the south? Why won’t congress give in and just fund the money for this wall. These are all questions I have had and continue to ask myself. I think that the only answer is, there is no easy solution, no easy answers, no common ground on this topic. It is simply a waiting game to see who cracks first.

In this debate there really is no clear winner. Trump and Congress both have leeway to keep the other from getting what they want, but statistically Trump is losing this battle. Trump is fighting for a border wall that will help to guard our southern border that is shared with Mexico. This is ironic considering one of the many departments that are being heavily affected is the department for homeland security. I personally think that this whole thing is a failure on behalf of our representatives. The mere fact that they were voted into office to avoid things like this, and solve these types of matters, yet can’t seem to find a simple solution for the problem at hand. Instead of facing this massive issue that is costing our country money the delegation is taking trips to Switzerland(which Trump cancelled.) Our country’s representatives should be able to go to Washington D.C. sit down with each opposing side and figure something out to end this pointless war between political parties and powers. In the end of this all the loser is the American People. We as a people have lost due to the fact the people we voted for can’t step it up and find common ground or try at the slightest to hear the other side out.

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