To My Future Roommate


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To My Future Roommate,

We may have not met yet, but I’m really looking forward to meeting you. Everyone always says that you make your lifelong friends in college, and for some I know that to be true and for others not so much. However, I hope that to be the case for us. I can’t wait to meet you and become lifelong friends. I figured if we’ll be living together you should know a view things about me.

First things first, I’m kinda completely and totally in love with my best friend, Kace, and I like to talk about him A LOT. We’ve been together almost a year and half but have personally known each other ever since my freshman year. He’s my best friend, and as I said, I like to talk about him A LOT; therefore, if you get sick and tired of it, just let me know and I’ll dial it back some.

Second, I do struggle with some anxiety, stress, and depression. I also get extremely lonely and close myself off when these things get really bad. It’s something I’m trying to work on, but it’s still a work in progress. I also get stubborn during these times and like to think I’m the only person who goes through these things and think no one can help me. (If it weren’t for Kace, I would’ve never realized this.)

Third, I have a tendency to procrastinate, a lot. However, when I get motivated, I GET MOTIVATED. So with that being said, there will be times when I’m going to need your help to motivate me to get my stuff done. BUT there will also be times when I’m gonna get all my stuff done a week in advance, so just be prepared for either one.

Fourth, a part of being roommate means also being my workout buddy. We won’t start out with anything too crazy, but we’ll definitely be working our way up to the tougher stuff. I only mention working out because I don’t know about you, but I REALLY don’t wanna gain the terrifying freshman fifteen.

Fifth, I’m a really big family person; therefore, there may a weekend here and there when either of my younger sisters may wanna stay with us. I hope you won’t mind a little girls’ night with them every so often. Since I’m also a big family person, my parents are gonna wanna come up as often as possible to visit, just a heads up.

Finally, I like to binge watch Nicholas Spark movies and any other sappy kind of love story type movie when I get in my feels. So I hope you don’t mind eating ice cream, crying, and watching sappy movies.

These are just the bare minimum of details you should know about me. You’ll get to know me in no time because I’m quite the open book. I’m looking forward to meeting you and becoming lifelong friends.

Yours Truly,

Jos, aka your future roomie

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