Winter Driving Reflection


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Jan 28, 2019, was an interesting morning for me, and I’m sure it was the same for many others around the surrounding area. Monday morning, as the time was ticking down as school was about to start in some time, I was about to drive into Walton on 218 when I started to slide on the thick ice below my wheels. With my tires out of control and the panic running through my head, I turned the wheel frantically trying to get some control of the vehicle. I ended up going into a 360 degree spin on the road and ending up on the side of the road facing away from Walton. When the car stopped off the road, my first reaction was to make sure my sister was okay. We didn’t hit anything, but when thinking back to the short minutes behind us, I don’t remember spinning at all. Seconds later, a man, whom I didn’t know, stopped along the opposite side of the road to make sure we were okay and if he could help us. While he went back to his car to get some gloves, I got back in the car to tell my sister to call mom and tell her about what had just happened. Needless to say Abbey and I were only a little late to first period.

Driving in the winter conditions this year is no joke. The upperclassmen, including myself, that are driving now have never really had a real experience driving in this kind of weather. According to Google, the last time Indiana really had a big snow like this was the 2013-2014 season when the present day senior class here at Cass were merely little seventh graders.

I know that the next time I will be driving to school that I will be extremely careful. I think back and think to myself, ‘What if you DID hit something? What would you had done if something terrible happened? What if you got your sister hurt?’ As teenagers, we are automatically assumed that we are moody and don’t listen to our parents. Do we have moments like this? Sure, everyone has at one point or another, but I have a new outlook on not only driving, but life in general. Please don’t take opportunities and chances for granted. Listen to your parents because they have been around for a much longer time than you. They don’t say things to hurt you or bring you down, but they say things to keep you safe. So please, think for a moment and remember to be careful in whatever you do.

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