An Insight of Female Boot Camp

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An Insight of Female Boot Camp


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This past weekend I attended a poolee function in Indianapolis along with many other girls. This function was not like our usual functions with our entire PT crew going against Lafayette’s. This function was better. I had an opportunity for a sneak peek of what female boot camp would hold for me. Being one of two girls in my PT group, I do not have many girls to talk to about what female boot camp is like and how it differs from the male’s boot camp. Of course this function had limits that actual boot camp won’t have, but I am grateful that I attended this poolee function and I also had the chance to talk to four female Marines.


We arrived in Indy on Friday night and were briefed of what the night and the next morning will consist of. We were told that as soon as they flip the imaginary switch we are to pretend that we are at Parris Island, South Carolina. As soon as the switch was flipped, we were immediately told to stand up by the drill instructor, then to sit back down, then to stand back up. This was only the beginning of the night. For the entire night we were being told to pick something up and then put it down and keep repeating the process until everyone was in sync.


By the time the drill instructor instructed lights out, I had still been up in the corner on firewatch. Along with four other girls, we were watching and making sure no one came in or left the gym where we were sleeping. All of us girls had olive green cots to sleep on which were not too bad to sleep on if I say so myself. I do not remember how long I was on firewatch, but since I was the first group for firewatch, I wasn’t woken up at an indecent time throughout the time we had to sleep.


We were woken up at 5:30 a.m. and told to get up and off our cots. We got in line and were told to hold our shoes out in front of us then to put them on. The time that us girls had to brush our teeth was extremely limited and no girls even went to the bathroom. We had all waited until they made us go because no one wanted to stand and request permission to use the head (the head is what we had to call the bathrooms). We ate an MRE which is a military meal and then began drill. We had learned lots of drills and I honestly thought it was pretty fun. Learning the drill was my favorite part.


We had a PT session with push ups, pull ups, and sit ups which seemed to fly by quickly. After the PT sessions we were questioned by Marines about drugs and other things that would cause a violation of being in the delayed entry program. Then for the last part of this function, we were taken into a classroom for a question and answer with four female Marines.


The flip was switched and we were all ready to question the female Marines.We had lots of questions and really great answers. I am very thankful that this function happened because this gave me an insight of what to expect. Of course in three months a lot will be thrown at me but a night and morning of what to expect really helped me out.

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