My Last Shot

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My Last Shot


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   “She’s a 5’3’’ senior, number 14 Megan Dishon!”

   This is it. This is the last time my name will ever be called as if I were famous. This is the last time I run out on the court I have played on for four years surrounded by not only my teammates but the fans that have supported me throughout my whole high school career. This is the last time I will ever be called a Lewis Cass Lady King. This is the last time I lace up my shoes and do my pre-game talks with my other seniors. This is my last shot. As the clock struck down to the final seconds, my heart had emptiness knowing that my last shot was really my last.

   To my other seniors,

I just wanted to say thank you. When I first moved to Lewis Cass, I wanted to have a fresh start from my past. I wanted to create friendships that would last forever. When I first met you all on the first day of basketball season our seventh-grade year, I knew that I found my friendships. I know I had arguments with each one of you in the past, but I thank you for always figuring them out with me and talk as if nothing happened. Thank you for all the laughs at practice, especially the jokes from Skylar, and all the hard work you have put into the sport since third grade. Thank you for loving the game as much as I do and having the determination as well as seriousness to get a win on our court. I know the last shot was important to you all too and I know it hurts. My advice to all of you is to follow your dreams like a basketball shot. The more you achieve, the more dreams will be coming to you. I know each and every one of you will do great things, and I am going to miss you tons when I leave for Xavier. Good luck in everything Lady Kings!

   To my favorite underclassmen,

I don’t know where to begin with you guys. When I first started this season, I was scared that I was going to be that mean senior. I felt like my way of pushing you guys would make you upset and feel like a terrible basketball player. You guys proved me wrong. You guys took my advice and applied it into every game and practice that made you improve more than ever as a team. I am so proud of what you are becoming as a team, and I hope you continue to be the role models for the basketball program. I am also proud of you sticking through the long season as well. Basketball is one sport that needs the commitment to the game and all of you have it. Thank you for always being at practice and trying your best regardless if the game is hard for you.  Thank you for all the laughs and smiles on the way home from games, during practices, and the weekly runs to the Dog Shed (You’re welcome by the way for being the Den Mother). You guys made the team whole and I will miss you all dearly. You guys mean a lot to me and I can’t wait to come home from college to see all of you!

   Finally to my mom,

I want to start off saying I love you. You put so much work and time into everything and it is just unbelievable. You are the strongest and hardworking person I have ever met. Thank you for always working the extra days that you didn’t need to just to go watch me play. Thank you for always having dinner ready and in the fridge for me after long practices or away games and thank you for leaving me encouraging notes on the coffee table before you leave for work. Thank you for letting me start my love for basketball since I was little and thank you for letting me learn my own mistakes. You are my role model and I am glad that I make you proud. Without you, I would not be the same person I am today. Thank you for all the late night homework help over the phone and thank you for taking the days off just to see me after practice. Thank you for everything and I love you. Can’t wait to have you as a Xavier Mom! 

   This senior year of basketball has been one of the best ones I ever had. Thank you, everyone, for all the memories and encouragement that I will cherish forever. Next stop, Xavier University!

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