Lewis Cass Library Media Center

“To make the Library Media Center a positive learning environment for all students.” ~ LMC mission statement

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Lewis Cass Library Media Center


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Ever since the construction started here at Lewis Cass, students have been deprived of their use of the library. Most books, moved to the interior room within Mr. Engle’s classroom block, were not checked out last semester. Once again, the library, in plain sight, can be seen by all students and faculty members. Now, all books can be checked out in the new Lewis Cass Library Media Center(LMC). Although with the new location and aesthetic updates, Mr. Grostefon, our librarian, has some rules and regulations that may have slipped in the old library but will be kept on a tight leash in the new location.

First, the hours of the library are now 7:30 a.m to 3:00 p.m.  No student will be permitted to be in the library without the supervision of an administrator, teacher, or Mr. Grostefon. Along with these rules, the LMC will be closed during B lunch. Mr. Grostefon will permit students to check out books during passing periods but he will not write late passes!

When students want to go to the LMC, they must have a pass from a teacher. No passes will be accepted from the study hall room or from substitute teachers unless another teacher writes a pass before a student’s study hall. Students may only go to the LMC during mentor on Thursday or Friday. To go during mentor, students must have a pass from their mentor teacher or another teacher stating which assignment they will be working.  

When entering the LMC, each student must sign-in on the designated clipboard  at the front desk. After signing in, students must leave their teacher signed pass in the assigned basket.  When leaving, students will sign out and have their passes signed by the staff member in the library.

Students may not eat inside the LMC unless it a administrator sanctioned event is going on. Students may only have water in clear water bottles within the LMC. All color printers will be open to students for assignments and projects. Also, students can purchase colored poster board for $2.00 per board.

Books are to be returned at the circulation desk during LMC operating hours or on the cart in the commons after hours. If a student loses or permanently damages a book, one will be required to supply a replacement copy or pay a fine of no more than $10.

I am glad that the new library media center is up and functional now! It will allow students a new place to congregate before school while promoting learning. All in all, it is cool to finally see the product of the first semester’s construction work! Despite all these changes, the faculty only want “To make the Library Media Center a positive learning environment for all students.” Remember that before you gripe at the new way things are done!


“Wisdom begins in wonder.” – Socrates


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