Lost at Sea

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Lost at Sea


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“Our man,” briefly spoke at the beginning of All Is Lost. To be frank, he lays out a simple reflection of his thoughts. The “Virginia Jean,” to me symbolized his wife. He symbolizes the deterioration of his boat with the loss of his wife and family. At the end of his short but meaningful voiceover, he said, “All is lost but mind and soul.” The destruction of his boat and raft interminably leads to him believe no hope is left.

He wakes up to the lower deck of his boat flooding. After a collision with a shipping container, an open cavity rips open the side of the boat. The movie captures the heat of the moment by holding the silence throughout. After filling the floorboards, the water destroyed the radio, GPS, and radar. “Our man” grabs a parachute anchor and attaches it to the container. Eventually, it floats away from the boat. His quick thinking causes him to rip up parts of the floor for repair. He makes use of fabric and glue sealant to finally cover the hole. He may be able to hold off the extinction of his boat, but it will happen.

After a short slumber, he rises to the deck. There’s no way to save his electronics. I never would have thought I could fix a wet radio. However, he removes the salt water. Then, he discovers a map and a celestial navigation book. Up until the radio kicks on, the man thought he must rely on manual navigation. He implies that his boat is in desperate need of help, but then the radio dies. At this point, he’s definitely agitated. To his regard, a storm has shown its presence in the distance. This can only entail something bad in the future.

My favorite scene, a rather ruthless one, is when he wakes up from the storm. He sees a dark figure far away from the raft. When it nears, he waves his hand and yells to no avail. Later, another ship passes by and his flare gun bears no purpose. I think he knows his fate at this point. The nights seem to bring him to despair. Nothing is left to save him. His impromptu fire seemingly ruined his survival chances.

The raft has collapsed, and he’s left to float on his own. Faced with reality, he very slowly sinks into the depths of the ocean. The thoughts of his kids, wife, boat, and life rush into his mind. Just as he is at his lowest point, a rescue boat is seen. The beam of the flashlight is seen trying to locate any sign of life. He swims towards it, and it cuts off.

People often fall into a depressive state when a family member passes. Here, we see “our man,” wrapped up in his thoughts. Many scenes in the movie point back to his family and his wife, presumably named after the boat. The boat and raft both are engulfed by the environmental factors. This leads him to face the greatest reality. He sees his destiny clearly and knows that all is truly lost.

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