The Refinery adds Fun to Kokomo!

Dancing, Drinks, and Event Venue

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The Refinery adds Fun to Kokomo!


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“Dancing can enhance your life in multiple ways, through physical activity, mental stimulation, and social interaction.”


Amber Raine Swick, a dance teacher, a wife, and a mom, has started a new journey in her life as she became the new owner of The Refinery in Kokomo that offers a dance studio, a variety of classes, and a healthy drink station. It can also be rented as an event venue.

The dancing studio at The Refinery is an expansion of the Raine Studio. Amber Raine leads many staff in teaching over 30 styles of dance. Her classes can be for individuals, couples, or even wedding parties. Mrs. Raine has been a professional dance instructor for 16 years. She enjoys teaching dance and says, “As an instructor my favorite part is experiencing my students joy when they achieve a long term goal. There is nothing like it, the joy on their faces and the confidence it brings them is priceless to witness.”

The healthy drink station is at the front and is also known as a dry bar. They offer several non-alcoholic drinks that are nutritious but delicious. Some drinks include smoothies, mocktinis, and spritzers; they also have vegan friendly drink options as well. This location is perfect because as you sit and sip you get the view of Kokomo’s beautiful Foster Park. You can also use their free wifi as you enjoy your treats; they occasionally offer baked goods and snacks too.

The Refinery offers many fun and exciting classes. Yoga, Zumba, Kickboxing, Hip Hop, Barre, Belly dancing, line dancing, and several more are offered. These classes are a great way to exercise and have fun at the same time. Right now The Refinery is offering a class known as F.I.T Force 3, which happens on Wednesday morning. This class is a dance fitness class helping women get F.I.T, Freedom In Truth.

The Refinery brings the community together in an awesome setting; fun events throughout the year draw people in such as family picnic movie night. Amber said, “The Refinery was purchased originally to house our second Ballroom/Latin dance studio. We then discovered that it was so much more.“ The Refinery is an outreach to our community and the new owner is ready to watch it grow as her journey continues.  She is most excited to “watch The Refinery grow into a beacon of light for the Kokomo community through its various acts of service.”

So if you are ever looking for something exciting to do, go visit The Refinery and join the fun. The Refinery is located across from Foster Park’s Pavilion and next to Crazy J’s Ice Cream. Go dance, grab a healthy drink, and enjoy the view.

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