Valentine’s Day


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Valentine’s Day is the day in which couples and loved ones celebrate their love for one another. People show their love on Valentine’s Day through chocolate, stuffed animals, clothes, pictures, food, and more items that significant others love to receive. We all have that one favorite candy or chocolate that we would love to be gifted and Valentine’s Day is an excuse for loved ones to provide those goods to their loved ones.


I personally love Valentine’s Day and not only because I have that person to buy gifts for and receive gifts but because I love the symbol of the day. I read an article by Rita Baber from the Kings’ Courier back in 1967 called, “Valentine’s Day Celebrated Around the World,” and loved how she went about writing her article. I love that she said, “This is the day that birds and animals choose their mates,” because that signifies the cute aura most people get from Valentine’s Day.


Some people get gifts that they may not be expecting.  For instance, this morning my friend and I Alexis Knight had taken a Peanut Butter and Jelly Uncrustable to our friend, Gabby Fred, with a sticky note on it that said, “You are the peanut butter to our jelly.” We had surprised her with the Uncrustable and then in return she gave us Valentine’s Day cards with individual notes written inside of each card for each of her close friends. I was very excited to have received an unexpected card and I thought Gabby was very thoughtful for giving us a gift.


I have also spent a good amount of my paycheck on Valentine’s Day throughout the last two weeks for my person. I bought loads of candy, a candle with a note that reads “you’re a ‘scent’ sational guy,” and a cute stuffed dog that will probably end up as mine. I had been so excited for Valentine’s Day that I really didn’t even care about the dent that partook in my paycheck.


But Valentine’s Day is not just for couples. Valentine’s Day is for family as well. My sister and I had spent Valentine’s Day last year with my grandma even though we all had significant others. We just thought it was cute to go out and get ice cream and spend a couple hours of this holiday together. Personally, I believe that Valentine’s Day is not just for the couples in the world, and neither did people in the past. Rita Baber wrote that Valentine’s Day used to be celebrated by giving  “insulting valentines to people who you disliked.” I remember having an encounter in second grade when a boy said he wanted me as his valentine in our class and I had skipped over his cubby where we put our valentines cards and put a piece of paper that said something along the lines of, “You’re stupid,” because I did not want a valentine back then.


I can see how people could have thought of Valentine’s Day as an insulting day, especially for those people with no valentine. A theory that Baber mentioned in her article was that when a young girl wakes up, the first man she sees is whom she is meant to be with. I do not believe that one because if the first man she sees could be her dad or an old man walking on the street, I think that could go very wrong. Valentine’s Day could be used to find a significant other if by chance you come across someone while at a Valentine’s party but just remember that there are other people to spend this romantic, cute day.

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