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I have been told that what I do is kind of odd or abnormal. Every person on this earth has a different way of doing things. Some call a can of a fizzy drink a coke or others say soda. Some people call shoes Nikes and other say tennis shoes. But my situation is a little odd because I sleep with my ceiling fan on and one to two blankets every night. Why is this?

When I was little, I had an issue getting to sleep because the energy of an elementary schooler can be hard to control. I would sing instead of sleeping, think about what happened that day, or just zone out to the white noise kind of environment of the passing cars and the air conditioner. One of the times I think this self-trend started was when I moved houses. In my old house in Peru, I lived in the middle of a suburb. There wasn’t as much noise going on, but I slept to a CD that was a piano base with beach noises. That track was the only one on the disk so it would play forever, but when I moved to Onward, my environment changed dramatically.

The house where I live is right on the edge of a busier road that goes into Onward. It’s an older house, which means the creaks and squeaks of the old, hard floors are out to play. With the switch of houses came the time where the CD was no longer used and I had to just fall asleep. With the change of environment came with the dreaded alarm clock beeping in your ear in the morning. Needless to say I still don’t like that going off.

Like most children when they are little, someone in the family is responsible for setting out clothes and helping them get dressed. My mom would often pick out a matching set of pjs that would have some kind of character or animal on them, but now I will wear shorts and an oversized t shirt. I have never been a person to wear socks to bed. I can get really overheated, and when I wear socks it gets 100x worse.

This leads into the fan and the blanket point. I find myself wanting weight from my blankets while I sleep during any season of the year. With the weight of the blankets comes the heat. To counterbalance the heat, I have the fan on moderate to high. I have friends that are the same way and it can be a reassuring to know that this isn’t a quirk. My sister is similar because if she gets too hot, then she feels sick. I wonder why we all have quirk and perks, but I guess I will leave that to the professionals. Do any of you readers have something you like that is different? If you let me know, I will anonymously print them in my next article.

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