“Walk a Mile in My Shoes”


The annual event “Walk a Mile In My Shoes” allows participants to help the homeless families in Kokomo. The event raises funds for the Kokomo Rescue Mission’s Open Arms shelter to help with the housing and programs provided for the homeless. Kokomo Rescue Mission provides those in need with housing, food, and other necessities. The organization’s website reveals that 1 in 5 people in Kokomo live below the poverty level, and 1 in 6 people regularly go hungry. This year the event “Walk a Mile In My Shoes” raised $116,340 for the organization, and the money raised from this event accounts for about sixty percent of the budget for Kokomo Rescue Mission.

The event took place on Saturday, February 9th. The extreme cold didn’t stop hundreds of people from participating. Seventy-one teams were formed that walked a one-mile round trip before they were given hot chocolate and a place to warm up. Many of these participants also experienced a simulation that took place at the shelter. The simulation allowed people to experience some of the suffering that homeless people endured every day. The shelter also set up a “selfie station” that gave participants the opportunity to explain why they chose to participate in the fundraising event. These people had many opportunities to help out while also learning about the lives of the families that were helped by the shelter.

Kokomo Rescue Mission Executive Director Van Taylor included in a Kokomo Tribune article that the shelter helped 173 different women and 67 children last year. Especially since the weather has been dangerously cold this year, the shelter has provided a home to many people; however, the shelter helps families all year long even when the temperatures aren’t so low.

The Kokomo Rescue Mission has provided support for many residents of Kokomo with difficult situations in life. The organization has supplied different programs and emergency assistance since 1953; numerous lives have been changed for the better. Taylor included, “These sponsors and walkers are the fuel which ignites hope in women and children who feel lonely and lost.” Kokomo Rescue Mission is still accepting donations to further help those in need. Taylor also included that $44.31 provides a one-night stay for a woman or a woman and her children. That donation amount includes beds, food, case management classes, and other educational classes. Any little bit would help this wonderful organization and the families that are supported every step of the way.    

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