The Umbrella Academy

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The Umbrella Academy


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Everyone knows that finding a really good movie or show to watch on Netflix is usually really difficult..unless you have some secret power that I most definitely need in finding good movies. This weird but cool looking series kept popping up every time I got on Netflix. I had also seen trailers of this show on Instagram when I would scroll through posts as I usually do. After what seemed like the seventh time seeing it on Netflix, I decided to see what it was about and give it a go. I had started the first episode and didn’t finish until last Friday. The ending was much better and I got hooked onto the show. Because I do not have the best self-control, I binge-watched the whole season in one day. Each episode was around an hour long so it took dedication.

The beginning of the first episode of The Umbrella Academy was not the coolest and I just thought it was plain weird but I kept watching to see if it would get better. Forty-three women around the world had weird, unexplainable births. All of a sudden they were pregnant and gave birth right on the spot. None of the women were pregnant when the day first began so this was not only the biggest news then but also really weird. A rigid, smart man named Reginald Hargreeves went around the world searching for these miraculous babies and could only adopt seven of the 43. I think somehow the rest had died but further explanation will be given in season 2.

Each child had a super-power and there were five boys and two girls. Their dad never even bothered to name them until he had built a nanny robot/ “mom.” He called them by numbers until their “mom” gave them names.

~Luther is number one; his super hero name was “Spaceboy.” He had superhuman strength but when he went on a mission years later, he had almost died so his dad created a gorilla-esque body for him in which he did not adjust to very well.

~Diego is number two or also known as the “Kraken.” He is considered the most violent one of the group and his weapons of choice are a pair of throwing knifes in which he can seemingly hit any target anywhere. He can also hold his breath for an abnormally long time.

~Allison is number three or, “The Rumor.” She’s able to manipulate people with lies that start off with “I heard a rumor..” and can pretty much make anyone do what she wants.

~Klaus is number four or “The Seance.” He can see and speak to the dead so he is usually followed around by ghosts unless he is high which is a lot.

~Number five is just number five. He had left the family and time traveled against their father’s wishes when they were around the age of 13. He had spent decades alone so when he time travels back, he goes back to the body he had left in. He can teleport through space and time.

~Ben is number six or also known as “The Horror.” He was the nicest one of all but his character was also very mysterious. He had died sometime in the past when they were young but was never explained..yet. He had a set of demonic tentacles tucked under his shirt that he could unleash whenever he wanted. He haunts Klaus around since Klaus is the only who can see him.

~Finally, number seven is Vanya and will be later known in the end of the season as “The White Violin.” Her powers were so strong and powerful that their “dad” put her on meds to suppress her powers away. Their “dad” also had Allison use her powers on her to make her think she was just an ordinary girl. He had convinced everyone else of that too. Her whole life she had thought there was nothing special about her and was always left out of things because the other kids thought she was just a normal person too. Through her violin playing, she can unleash a concussive and destructive force that bends and breaks everything around her. Her powers are usually affected by her emotions. These abilities extend close to telekinesis which enables her to hold people in their tracks as well as drain people of their life force. They were this little league called The Umbrella Academy that went on missions and fought crime that was very popular and celebrated by many. All of which little miss Vanya missed out on.

I may have spilled some spoilers here and there but even so, watching The Umbrella Academy is definitely worth the watch. I recommend this if you have just finished some other series and are desperately looking for something else amazing to watch. I promise you will love it if you like any mystery, action, and a tad bit of rom com. This is for sure one of my favorite shows I have ever seen so far. I hope you decide to watch this amazing show because it will not disappoint. Lots of suspense and events keep you on your toes and you never expect what will come next.

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