Ladies of the Limelight


We all have people in our lives, such as grandparents, that lived through some of the greatest moments in entertainment and music. Recently, 18.6 MILLION people, including my family, watched the 76th Annual Golden Globes. Toward the end of the show, Carol Burnett took home the first ever Carol Burnett Award for her many years in the entertainment field. With the great honor of the her own Lifetime Achievement Award, it made me think about all the times I watched older movies with beautiful women like Doris Day and Lucille Ball and Dolly Parton.

Growing up spending nights with my grandma, we always watched movies together, whether the movies were dated in the present day or back when she was younger. Some of the best times I have had with her are when we watch the Carol Burnett show on her multiple DVDs. While thinking about what Genius Hour to do, my mind went straight to the war and all the terrible things that happened; meanwhile, the acting and music scene was heating up. In the mix of all these wonderful movies from the past, the one that is my favorite stars Doris Day and Rock Hudson. This movie is called Lover Come Back. Day is known for her many romance movies, which isn’t much of a surprise because she is gorgeous.

The next lady that ripped up the television screens was Lucille Ball. This name rings a bell for some of the people in my generation because of her hit show I Love Lucy!, which aired for a total of six seasons with 180 episodes that made it to DVDs as well. According to, Ball was in 83 television shows and movies in total.

For the next lady, it is not hard to think of someone that was in both movies and music that I look up to from this time period. Dolly Parton is still prevalent in 2019 with her new movie, Dumplin, featuring only her songs such as “Red Shoes”, “Dumb Blonde”, and “Here You Come Again”. I have looked up to Dolly for about a year and a half. I even sang “Here You Come Again” at the Lewis Cass Variety Show 2018.

The last lady is the one I mentioned at the beginning of the Genius Hour. Carol Burnett is a singer, dancer, comedian, and actor that made her first appearances in a few guest spots in shows and specials, but her show, The Carol Burnett Show,was when she really got popular. She had many guests such as Lucille Ball, Cher, and Bing Crosby. She has been in the entertainment field for years.

With the growing years and culture, I see many people drawing blanks when they hear older names such as the ones given. I personally think we need more times like these where lovely ladies are dressed in long dresses and singing about lost lovers and making us laugh to escape the real world.

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