A Star is Born


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Numerous movies have been recreated as a newer version of the original film. Some might recognize A Star is Born as one of these movies. Bradley Cooper directed and starred in the 2018 movie, but this was actually the fourth version of this film. The three versions that came before the most recent were released in 1937, 1954, and 1976. A Star is Born tells the story of a famous musician who discovers and falls in love with an aspiring artist.

Bradley Cooper plays a singer named Jackson Maine who is well-known but struggles with his own issues and addictions. In an interview with Morning Edition, Cooper stated that one of his goals with this movie was to reveal the struggles and experiences of being an addict, and he wanted this representation to be “not a glossy version but the real reality of what it is to be an addict.” His character finds love and comfort in a talented, intriguing singer who has big dreams for her future.

Ally Campana, played by Lady Gaga, meets Jackson after she presents a moving performance in a club after her shift. He becomes interested in Ally after listening to her sing, and they have a deep conversation about the troubles she faces in pursuing her career as a musician. Her amazing talent and strong voice is evident with her performances. The two connect more and eventually perform on stage together leading to Ally joining Jackson on his tour.

The movie explores the story of the two singers’ careers while presenting the obstacles along with the achievements that they experience along the way. Some articles explain that Lady Gaga, a very talented pop artist, has “her mask removed” in this emotional film. One scene that demonstrated this occurred when Jackson removed Ally’s dramatic makeup to reveal her true face.  She was nervous but excited to star in this film and tell a story. When discussing the movie with Los Angeles Times, Gaga stated, “I want to tell great stories that pull from places inside of me, from real pain, from real emotion, from my real life.”

The movie is rated R for language, partial nudity, and substance abuse, so it may not be appropriate to watch with younger viewers. I personally enjoyed the movie and the story it told. One of my favorite scenes of the movie was when the two singers performed the song “Shallow” for the first time. I believe that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper did a great job with their roles and representations of their characters. They both are amazing actors and really presented their character’s struggles as if they were their own personal obstacles. I recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a good romance and musical performances.  

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