My Last Sport

My Last Sport


As Senior year is now is quickly dwindling down to our final days, it has begun to hit me that I will never play volleyball as a varsity high school player ever again. Volleyball has always been the sport I enjoyed most. I felt that was where I was the most comfortable. Although volleyball seemed to be my favorite sport, softball is what I put more time and effort into.


`I started playing softball when I was six years old. I participated on a t-ball team. We played two times a week at Tower Park in Logansport. Neither my family nor I will ever forget the first time I went up to bat. Keep in mind I had never played softball. I walked up to the tee and smacked the ball as hard as I could. I began running to try and make it to the base before the other team could get me out. As I was running, everyone began yelling and cheering. I stopped halfway to the base and realized the fans and coaches were yelling for a reason. I had run the wrong way around the bases. When I stepped on third base, my coach seemed happy but still explained to me that I ran the wrong way. I am happy I learned at that time which way to run the bases because I’m still playing softball to this day.


I then played Cherub League in Logansport for three years. I played first base every game and hit my first home run during those years. Those were the most fun years of softball I had ever played up until high school. We would go out for ice cream, play games, and we played very well. After Cherub League, I grew into Pixie league. I played Pixie for six years. I met many new friends and actually became very serious about the sport. It became my favorite sport. Lastly, I played in Jr. Miss. This league was for 15-18 year olds. Softball was my favorite hobby, I only played in this league for one year. I decided I would rather join a travel team. My first year of travel I played for the Wild Thangz. This was a 16 and under team out of Logansport. I learned a lot that year and began to work on my out fielding skills.


The next year I played on another 16 and under team out of Logan called the Rockets. On this team I had the opportunity to play second base and center field. A few times I also played as catcher. I love the sport but being a part of this team started to tear me apart. The drama and coaching issues made me begin to wonder if softball was really the sport I loved. No matter what, a coach should never ruin the sport for the players but the coach began to do that. I tried to brush it off but being around this group every week, all weekend was becoming hard mentally. I made it though that season and went on to play for a brand new team made up of some of the girls from my Rockets team and a few of the parents coaching. We had a fun year and ended our season in a tournament in Santa Claus, Indiana. Our team visited Holiday World while we were down there.


This past year I played for the Indiana Impulse. This was a very successful team. I feel that our team fit very well together and everyone filled their positions to their best ability. We won multiple indoor tournaments and won one outdoor during the summer. Our last tournament occurred in Destin, Florida. We played teams from Kentucky, Illinois, and Georgia to name a few. We might not have made it as far as we wanted to, but we played out hearts out. We did not let the 90 degree heat affect our adrenaline or love for the game.

Although we didn’t have the best outcome, we had a fun week. Our team went out to eat together multiple times. While at one of the restaurants, some of our girls participated in karaoke. It made going out to dinner into a more memorable experience. I will cherish these memories forever and am so glad I was a part of this team.

I now am about to begin my final high school softball season. This season will be my last times on the field. I cannot believe how the time has flown. Our season officially starts next Monday, the beginning of the end. Softball has been my favorite sport from the start. My passion for softball is stronger than any other sport I have ever participated in. This will definitely be a huge part of my life torn apart from me. As an underclassman, I never realized how quick my last season would come, but it’s here. The only advice I could pass on would be to always cherish time spent on the field. Whether it is practice or a game, everyone should always giving 100% effort. Even if the players aren’t Seniors, they should be playing their best for the Seniors.


Overall, I am not ready to say goodbye to my number one sport. My memories of the sport will continue on forever. The years and time I have spent on the fields, in the car, and with my teammates are things I could never forget. I am very sad to see the end approaching but and glad it was a part of my life.

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