Visiting My Future Home

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Visiting My Future Home


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A couple weeks ago my mom and I went on a road trip together and visited my future college towns. Sunday morning we started our journey to Keyser, West Virginia. Keyser is the home of Potomac State College, which is a smaller campus of West Virginia University. I am going there for my first year of college because the tuition is much cheaper and I’m just getting my prerequisites done there. After that, I’m transferring to the main campus in Morgantown, so we visited that campus as well.

The drive was about eight hours long. On paper it doesn’t sound that bad, but since it was raining and grey the whole drive, it seemed to last forever. We arrived at our hotel around ten in the evening and we were getting ready for the tour the next day. I was excited to see the campus where I’ll be living for the first time.

When we got to McKee Arts Center at PSC, I signed in and received my packet and a cookie. A lady in the auditorium spoke about the day planned ahead and assigned us to our groups. The first thing on our itinerary was to sit in on a “class.” There wasn’t an actual class going on; it was just a professor speaking to the room of people about what to expect. We also toured the library, residence halls, and even got to go to the conference center for a “Discover Fair.” There were games, a photobooth, and stations for programs and activities the college offers.

The campus was small but beautiful. Mountains are visible from anywhere you stand on campus. The town was also adorable. All the buildings were old and colorful; they had a lot of character. The town dates all the way back to the civil war and having a prominent role in that. There were historic plaques on some buildings throughout the town and the college’s campus.

After the tour at PSC, my mom and I decided to go to WVU since it was only an hour away and it’s where I will be spending the majority of my college years. This campus was very big, mountainous, and busy. I liked the hustle and bustle of everything going on and there always being something new to see. There were lots of cute shops and school spirit. The buildings were old and very collegeant as well which I loved because it made it feel even more like a college town. Morgantown is a place where I could really see myself living.

We drove around the campus through all the twists and turns. On a hill with all the engineering and agriculture buildings was a lookout of the whole city. It was very pretty. Morgantown was completely different from Walton. I absolutely loved it and I can’t wait to go to college there. This trip definitely made me really excited for this next step in my life.

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