Final Spring Break


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This year will be the last time I go on spring break with my parents. Next year I will be on my own trying to push my way through college. I will definitely cherish all the memories from this coming spring break.


This year my family and I will be traveling to California. Every year I have the challenge figuring out who to take with me, but this year was not very hard to figure out. I tried to think of people who have been by my side throughout senior year. Two main people have been my closest friends this year: Ashli Key and Macee Lawrence. Ashli already had made plans so I knew she was out of the question. I approached Macee and she is now going with us! Macee and I started becoming close last year during anatomy and physiology class. Our bond continued on to senior year when I joined the cheer team. I was very unsure about this decision because one, I hate being in front of big crowds and two, I didn’t know any Lewis Cass cheers since I had only been here two years. Macee made sure to talk me into cheering. During cheer camp, football games, and all the bus rides, we became best friends. Due to our close bond and how well we get along, I knew she would be the perfect person to go. I know Macee and I will have a great time in California.


Brooke Nelson and I on a pier in Cozumel, Mexico.

Our trips we normally take involve going to Florida. Last year on spring break we took a cruise to Mexico. The cruise was probably my favorite vacation I had ever taken. I knew once I boarded the ship that I was going to love it. When we began planning for this year, my immediate suggestion was a cruise. We started looking for cruises but many were starting to book up very fast. We also looked into an all inclusive resort in Cozumel, Mexico. Our last cruise went to Cozumel and it was beautiful. My parents and I ended up finding our way back to cruises rather than resorts. Many of the resorts were adult focused and quiet. I personally would rather be on a boat, explore and meet people than on a beach. We finally found a four-day cruise out of California that we thought would be perfect since I have to make sure to be back for softball the following Monday. My parents then started looking at the price of flights to California. Once we all agreed on the plan, we booked it.


Macee, my parents, and I will be flying to California, taking the four day cruise, and then staying four days in California. We board the cruise in Long Beach California. The cruise stops at Catalina Island in California and then sails to Ensenada, Mexico. Once we get back from the cruise, we are driving to Marina del Rey. This is where we will be staying for the final four days. My parents also plan to drive around California and see famous spots including the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


This break should be the best yet. I cannot wait to spend the week with one of best friends and make memories for this last go around.

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