God’s Grandeur


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Not many people sit around and think about what makes the work unique. Our world is the way it is due to God’s grandeur. This subject is spoken about all the time due to younger kids asking so many questions about how the world lives as one. In “God’s Grandeur” by Gerald Manley Hopkins, he states how he sees the world. When doing this he uses imagery and tone.


Imagery is used multiple times throughout this poem. In the quotation “It will flame out, like shining from shook foil.” This quote makes it very easy to visualize what is going on with the fire coming up through the foil and melting it away. This represents God’s greatness showing through all the bad times. This relates to real life because when people seem to be in a hard spot, God is always backing them up and helping whether they know it or not. “All is seared with trade; bleared, smeared with foil,” explains everything given and fought for God. No one ever questions God’s Grandeur. I personally never question God. I know he can see the future and guides me in the right way to greatness.


Another element the author uses is tone. The author’s tone comes across as very passionate about God. “Why do men then now not reck his rod?” is very powerful tone. He is implying that God is praised by many and no one could take his empowering mindset away from him. He is very set in his ways and is independent. The author also states how the Holy Ghost is everywhere. He is using his forceful tone to explain the greatness of God and the Holy Ghost is always watching over everyone in the world. The Holy Ghost is constantly helping people out and looking out for them. I personally can relate to this feeling. Multiple times when I have been near wrecks or been in questionable situations, I have felt save or have gotten lucky that it wasn’t me. When I’ve been in these positions, I thank God that nothing ever happens to me. I know he is looking out for me.


Overall, the author used tone and imagery to get the author’s main point across in a forceful way. I know he is always looking out for everyone including myself. God sees the world in a special way.

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