A phone call for a broken heart

*Please leave a message after the beep*



Ummm… Hey, it’s me again

I was wondering if I have even crossed your mind,

You know the way you have been crossing mine..

The never ending loop of all our good and bad.

The sunshine, the rain, and even the late nights replay as if we are in that exact moment.

Does that cross your mind, or

Are you moved on?

Am I the one stuck in the past,

Stuck wishing that tomorrow or the next day you will come home.

As you know by home I mean back to me.

Where I thought both our hearts would lie together till the end of time,

Like we said they would.

Well… I am gonna go now for good this time. Maybe one day you will fall back in love with what I have been loving all along. Until then, I will be right here waiting.



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