Lewis Cass Winds group picture after we received our medals!

Lewis Cass Winds group picture after we received our medals!


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This is what I saw when I ran through the show:


All I see is sand

Miles and miles of nobody

My water supply is running out

Heavy winds

Voices that don’t exist




The beating heat of the sun

Hurts to move

Things are going dark…

Music plays in my head

Voices dance around me

Crying for help, but the voices don’t hear me

Drums beat in my head

A low, dark melody forms

Lines dance and move around me

The songs I hear get faster

I start joining them

The energy stops

Is it raining?

This can’t be real

A small quintet played in the center of my mind

The sound grows louder and louder

The shapes stopped moving and the sound was beautifully booming

The sounds dies down

Shapes and blocks really start to move at this point

As this “dream” moves on, another group of six individual sounds come out

The drums get louder, which are also moving

Blocks, shapes, and drums move together

Everything goes out with a bang

Don’t be mistaken with the beginning of this. The Lewis Cass Marching Kings have moved into the winter season and have had quite the successful season. The show consists of “Paint it, Black” by the Rolling Stones, “Mirage”, and “Genie in a Bottle” by Christina Aguilera. The group is have more than 30 members, including many junior high members. The band was extremely successful with their undefeated season. At Semi-state, the band jumped four points from the last competition and another four points with their final score at state. The Kings won state and received a medal for first place. Later in the year they will receive their rings.

“I thought the season went very well. Every individual pushed to their very best and worked together as a great ensemble.” -Devin Rector (Sophomore Mellophone)

Picture 1: The mellophone section of Riley Keppel (left), me, and Devin Rector (Right)

Picture 2: Elli Jones (left) and I getting ready for the competition in the band room

Picture 3: My sister, Abbey, and I at home after the competition.

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