Fit for a King: Senior gets Recognition for Crown

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Fit for a King: Senior gets Recognition for Crown


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After a week of getting all the votes counted, the administration at Lewis Cass has finally made a decision on the crown. The #5 crown was voted for the win and although the crown received recognition from the community’s votes, the artist of the crown was also recognized for her outstanding design that will be the “face” of Lewis Cass in the future.

Alexis Darland, the winning designer of the new crown, is a Lewis Cass senior and is involved in National Honor Society, band, and of course, Art Club. Although she has the talent for drawing, she is very talented in all other types like painting, ceramics, and anything she can get her hands on to create masterpieces. Alexis is also a part of the Latin Honors, where she is salutatorian for the class of 2019. At first Alexis resigned into designing the crown.

Mrs.Densborn is the reason I sketched the crown. When I told her I wasn’t going to sketch a design, she told me I needed to. She asked me everyday if I had submitted a crown design until I finally did. I knew the whole reason the crown design contest even appeared was because the community and students liked the old crown more. I decided I would make a crown that looked like the old crown but with a new and fresh twist; a way to make everyone happy.”

With her outstanding artistic skills, Alexis is also attending University of Indianapolis to study Art Therapy to become the artist she wants to be.

“I’ve been drawing ever since I was able to hold a pencil. At one point I realized that my art was helping me express myself and helping me cope with all the ups and downs in my life. That’s when I knew I couldn’t give up art and wanted to continue enhancing my skills.”

Mr. Bates, the Lewis Cass principal, also had a positive opinion on the crown and the ideas Alexis and our design group will be making soon.

“I think that it is an amazing design that incorporates the traditional look while putting a new and fresh design that represent Lewis Cass.  I am also happy that it is a student’s design.I really think it was the best process to get the crown selected and gain input for our stakeholders.  Lewis Cass is the community’s school and the students, teachers, staff, and parents represent the community. In the end, they all had the opportunity to make their voices heard.”

Personally, I am glad the community and the students at Lewis Cass had their voices heard for the new logo within the school and with the help of Alexis’s drawing, the process of branding the new logo will be easier than it was with 13 other crowns. Mr. Bates also stated,“In today’s technology-driven society, the design will have to be digitized so it can be placed on letterhead, shirts, jerseys, and many more.”

Congratulations Alexis for being the winner of the crown contest!

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