Having a Sister

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Having a Sister


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Growing up with a sister is a bittersweet experience. Sisters can argue and be so hostile towards each other one minute then another minute one can turn around and say, “Hey, do you want to go get food?” I believe that having a sister is by far the best friendship I have ever had. I have recently gained a couple sisters through marriage but my blood sister is who has been there for me in my worst time and celebrated with me in my best times. We do argue sometimes as I am still the annoying little sister to my big sister, but majority of the time today we get along and do mostly everything together.


I took dance classes with my older sister Shayla. We were put through dance recitals and danced our little, innocent hearts out because dance was the only thing we looked forward to as children. Dancing was our childhood hobby and it was up until our dance studio moved locations and had a higher demand of prices. We also had been planning to move an hour away from the original studio so even if we paid the higher prices, we couldn’t dance there anymore due to living far away.


We did not bother looking for a new dance studio either for we decided to find other hobbies such as baseball and school clubs. Shayla and I would still have dance parties together in the living room to the most cringy music and dance as we were professionals. Today, we still do the same thing whether we are dancing at a concert or in the car on the way to Krogers. We just enjoy the stupid dances we make up because we grew up dancing together. Eventually we both were in the color guard at school, dancing and tossing flags together.


We have always found a way to share hobbies and bond through our talents. Even though we do not do any hobbies through school anymore due to her graduating and adulting, we have been working out together and doing yoga together. We are always finding activities to do together and I can imagine that we will always have the bond we have now due to her always being by my side as she has for my 18 years of life.


I miss the young days of us dancing together and playing barbies. I miss the arguing and her convincing me that I have superhuman powers to clean faster than she can due to her lack of wanting to help me clean our room. I miss climbing trees with her and I miss being able to be carefree in a sense of having no bills or worrying about having a set plan for our lives.


Neither of us know what we want in life, but we both know we don’t want to leave each other. I am happy with the relationship my sister and I have, but with our career choices we are going to be separated and not see each other like we do now. That is growing up, but that does not make leaving Shayla any easier when someone tells me, “That’s just a part of growing up.” As true as that sentence is, I disregard the logic there and make my own sense of logic.


Shayla and I can still go on and have a close bond no matter how far we are from each other but the process of leaving each other is still coming up and I can say that I want to run fast from it. I do not want time to fly by fast; I want to enjoy my last 6 weeks in high school and be able to hang out with her on her free time before I am summoned to adult.


We will forever dance together in the car and always be close even when we aren’t. Growing up was awesome with Shayla even though with her being older she thought it was funny to feed me bird poop and tell me it’s a melted Oreo, push me off the top of a bunk bed and give me a bloody nose, and hold me down and spit in my mouth when I would refuse to help her with something. There is definitely more good than bad while growing up with Shayla and I would not trade her for anything else.

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