Six Weeks!


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Six weeks of high school is all that I have left before I am set into an excited panic. These six weeks will go by quick and I cannot yet decide if I want them to or if I want my last weeks in Lewis Cass to go slow. I want to enjoy my last weeks and remember high school, but I also don’t really care and just want my senior year to be over. I have come to the conclusion that my mornings will continue to become harder as the weeks count down due to the lack of motivation I have anymore for coming to school. I also lack the motivation to do schoolwork outside of school, but I get it all done because I want to graduate with my grades being stellar.


I have many tasks on my hands that I have to finish before these six weeks end. I take gradpoint but only because I am enrolled in two study halls and wanted something to keep me busy. I am doing these online classes to raise my GPA just because I can. I have no classes I have to actually retake which is a relief, but then again now that I have started my gradpoint classes I am determined to finish them all. I am currently working on two classes at the same time to knock them out. Another task is to plan my graduation party that I do not want to have. I was not going to throw one due to not wanting to be humiliated for not having many people show up. I do not want to spend money on a party if no one will actually show up. It is not that I don’t have friends; I just do not know if people would actually show up and that gives me anxiety and I would rather not deal with that.


A lot of things need to be done with graduation and my leave date for the military is at the end of June so that brings me stress that can be interpreted as a good stress because I am ready to leave. I am not ready to leave my family though. I will have a very hard time leaving to South Carolina for boot camp because I will have no contact with my family aside from one ten second phone call letting them know I made it and letters that will take forever to deliver. Going so far from home without any contact with anyone but strangers is scary, but I can do it because this is what I want my life to be after high school. I want more than just a basic education after high school. I want a fit and disciplined life, and if that means I have to leave for years and do that I will.


Between the stress of being a senior and leaving my family and home for years, I can say that the stress I am dealing with is an exciting stress because that means the events are coming up. I look forward to being done with high school and being able to focus on my life after and being able to have more free time as an adult. I understand the work force somewhat already due to having worked for three years already. I understand the importance of working and bringing in a decent paycheck- even though I have no house or utility bills, I do pay for my car insurance and phone bill. I believe that having to start paying for these kinds of things is important and I do not mind it sometimes because i have a head start of what it’s like to save money and spend wisely.


I would like to think that I am ready to graduate and be on my own. I am ready to start a new chapter and become the person I have imagined for a long time. That person being a more independent, confident Marine. Six weeks is not too long and I look forward to savoring each and everyday making time for everyone in which I love and care for.

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