JV Kings Preview

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JV Kings Preview


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The JV Kings baseball team had a game last night at the field behind the Polytechnic school. They play Delphi at 5. The Kings are 1-2 after beating Winamac 10-6 and losing to Heights.

The KIngs have practiced and they know what their problems. When they were pitching they  walked to many guys.

Coach Porini said “It’s hard to battle back when we walk so many guys.”

The Kings have their lineup set for tonight: First base Nathaniel Moss, second base Keegan Lytle, Shortstop Adam Bandelier, Third Base Luke Davis, Left Field Kaine Fowler, Center Field Jarren Smith, Right Field Peyton Smith, Pitcher Robert Fitch. The batting lineup has not been set up yet, but whatever it is we will keep the sticks going.

Delphi has a team batting average of .259 11 stolen bases and an average of 7 runs per game. Delphi is having a tough year year with a record of 1-4 , and the Kings are 1-2 so not so good ethier. Some of the common opponents Hamilton Heights. Delphi Lost to Hamilton Heights 12-5 as the Kings lost to Hamilton Heights pretty bad 49-8 out of two games on the double header.

The Kings had practice two days during the week to prepare for this game, and feel pretty confident about the outcome of this game. Dawson Goldsberry said, “ I think the main point for us to win this game would be for us to get the sticks going early because that kills a team when they can’t bat at all or put runners on.”

“Pitching is important part of the game,and that has to be very strong for us tonight or else they can keep putting runs on the board by walks or all their hits,” Kaine Fowler said.

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