An Open Letter to an Incoming 6th Grader


Me starting school at a younger age


Dear the little kid who is a nervous wreck,

First, take a deep breath, and just close your eyes and imagine you are the king who rules the school. Awesome, right? Now, don’t ever lose that mindset when you walk through those high school doors next year. I know it’s something so little, but I promise it will help you boost your confidence and self-esteem. It seems crazy to think you are going to be walking around with kids twice your size and age; however, don’t let those little things intimidate you because I believe that you are going to fit in just fine with the rest of the students. I may not be able to tell you that these next six years are going to be perfect and that you’ll love them; however, I can tell you that through these next six years you are going to learn multiple lessons, meet new friends, and find out who you wanna be after high school is over.

Trust me, I have been in your shoes. I know what you are feeling, and I hate that you have to feel this way because I promise high school is a wonderful thing; You just have to look between the lines. When you walk through the doors on your first day, you are going to find out that some people don’t acknowledge you and some people greet you with the happiest of smiles, but don’t get too caught up on that. You are going to meet some of your best friends through the next six years. You are going to fail some tests and homework assignment through these next six years. You are going to fall in and out of love many times through these next six years. Most of all, you are going to find out who you truly are. You will start to realize that not everyone’s opinion matters because if you are happy, then those around you should be happy for you as well. At times, you might feel as if you are a normal person trying to fit in with the superheroes, but I promise that you too are a superhero yourself.

High school is a crazy place; however, it’s the journey of a lifetime. As the time goes by, I am sure you are going to be wishing that high school is over, but it all goes by within a blink of an eye. Being a senior, I wish I had more time to spend with my closest friends. Being a senior, I wish I had more time to play one more game of the sport I love. Being a senior, I wish I had more time to spend here in my hometown; however, all these things are slowly coming to an end as graduation comes closer and closer. If I could go back to where you are at right now, I wouldn’t change anything besides all the times I said, “I can’t wait till high school is over.” Being an incoming sixth grader, you have so much potential to do big things in the future; therefore, don’t ever think you can’t accomplish something because all you need is a little hard work and dedication, and you will succeed.

Obviously, I won’t be here to welcome you next year which is a bittersweet feeling because I have to move onto college so you can open the door to new adventures. The most important thing to do in high school is to not get too overwhelmed with school work. Take time for yourself to go be a young and dumb teenager. Take time for yourself to be able to go to as many sporting events as you can. Take time for yourself to just relax and calm down. Most of all, take time for yourself to go spend as much time and make numerous memories with your best friends because one day you won’t be able to see them everyday. Last but not least, I wish you the best of luck and I hope high school is everything you have ever dreamed it out to be.


The Senior Who Believes in You

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