Should the Minimum Wage be Raised?

AP 11 Persuasive essay



A single mother is living paycheck-to-paycheck because her minimum wage paying job is only paying $7.25 per hour. Should people really have to live this way, or should the minimum wage be raised? Personally, I believe the minimum wage shouldn’t be raised due to the effects it will cause on society.

Although one might believe it’s cruel to have to live check-to-check, one doesn’t understand raising the minimum wage wouldn’t change that. If the government raises the minimum wage, it will have to figure out a way to get that money back. One solution to this problem would be raising the price on store goods, housing, or any costly idea. Therefore, the idea of raising the minimum wage to obtain more money is circular. Yes, one will make more money, but the prices of goods will also increase which means the consumer will be spending the extra money he/she makes on necessary needs.This idea hurts society because most people will actually begin to lose money. Most jobs pay more than the minimum wage; therefore, raising the minimum wage won’t affect how much they are getting paid. However, the effect that goods will increase in price will hurt the people with the well paying jobs. Therefore, society is better off to stay at the current minimum wage because it doesn’t help society, but the raise can hurt society by raising the price of necessary needs and goods.

If the prices on items begin to increase, then people will begin to spend money fast. This idea brings the argument to people losing their money and entering poverty. Several argue that raising the minimum wage can decrease the number in poverty. However, this is not the case. If the minimum wage increases, employers will only be able to hire a specific amount of people. This idea hurts society because it leaves many people without jobs. With the employers being very picky about who they hire, they will leave no chance for unskilled or new inexperienced workers to get a job. Therefore, poverty will begin to skyrocket as new young adults begin to look for a job. This action could almost double the number in poverty now. If the minimum wage were to rise, so do the number without jobs. Therefore, raising the minimum wage would have a negative effect on society and would hurt people more than help them.

If the minimum wage rises, people then have expensive items, increasing poverty, and limited job opportunities. Expanding on the idea that poverty will increase, I found that people would have to be cut from their work if the wage increases. This idea is due to the fact that businesses would have begin to lose money if they didn’t decrease the number of employees. Businesses would be put on a tighter budget if the wage increases. The only simple plan to solve the tight budget would be get rid of the people that take the money: employees. This idea leads to fewer people being employed, which again leads to poverty. Once the businesses cut its workers, many will struggle to find a job. Also cutting workers from small businesses, could make the business have to shut down. This is because they won’t have enough help or money to run the business due to the rise in the minimum wage. Therefore, raising the minimum wage would hurt society by increasing the number of unemployed people and increasing poverty.

In conclusion, I believe that the minimum wage shouldn’t be raised for the sake of society. With the raise, society could become more poor than it already is. More people would go unemployed, bankrupt, and stuck in poverty. I believe that if we don’t raise the minimum wage, people can continue to help decrease poverty and help unskilled workers get a job.  

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