Brooklyn Nine-Nine Review



I was not the least bit interested Brooklyn Nine-Nine when I started watching it. My friend and I avidly look for shows to watch. He just started the series and asked if I wanted to join. I accepted but wasn’t planning on continuing. However, the show quickly captivated me with its witty jokes and dull humor. The show follows the main character Jake Peralta, played by Andy Samberg. As a Saturday Night Live alum, Andy Samberg continuously brings the comedic relief to the show. A watcher will experience a variety of developing relationships and many inside jokes.

In the first season, the show had around six million viewers in total. Shortly after, Andy Samberg won “Favorite Actor In a new TV Series ” at the People’s Choice Awards in 2014. He also won “Best Actor — Television Series or Musical,” at the Golden Globe Awards the same year. To top it off, the show itself won “Best Television series — Musical or Comedy.” It seems to offer a charming yet comedic side to a show about shutting down crimes. However, corruption and comedy are not the only thing it provides. The series has many orchestrating plans and details that recur throughout it. On each Halloween, the team holds a capture-the-flag match to become the “ultimate detective/genius.” The short and witty comedy plots are prevalent, and a viewer will even see relationships amongst the crew.  

A few of my favorite episodes, the Halloween heists, are about the team working together towards one goal: a trophy belt. Each captain chooses his teammates, and they construct an elaborate plan to steal the prize. Jake and Charles, his best friend, think they’re three steps ahead of everyone at all times. However, Captain Holt, played by Andre Braugher, swiftly moves past their shenanigans. In 2014, Andre Braugher won “Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series,” at the Critics’ Choice Television Awards. His earnest and frank personality on the show adds to the subtle but meaningful interactions.

The most developed relationship in the show is through Jake and Amy Santiago. She is a fellow detective and constantly one-ups him. Through many cases and bets, the two develop a romantic relationship. In “The Bet,” the two spend the evening on a stakeout and Jake finds his true feelings for her. Over the next few seasons, he slowly makes his way up to asking her out. Jake’s patience and persistence are like no other.  At my position in the show, they’ve recently moved in together after Jake purposely loses a bet. In the future, I think marriage will come along.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a timeless show that will grab a person’s attention with ease. The careless cops have fun on the job, but they know when to take their responsibility seriously. The dangerous city of Brooklyn offers an abundance of cases for them, most famously the recurring “Pontiac Bandit.” Criminals like that make the job challenging, but the 99th precinct is always ready for a new case. If anyone is interested in watching the show, the sixth season just came to tv. Watch it here on Hulu

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