An Open Letter to a Sixth grader



Dear Newby,


Welcome to Lewis Cass Jr./Sr. High School: the place where you will have your best and worst days. Within these very walls you will become a better you. You will soon change in front of everyone’s eyes. You will find where your interest and hobbies can take you in life. So buckle up and be ready for the adventure of a lifetime! I am here to help share my experience with you!

My name is Brooklynn Fye. By the time you read this letter, I have already graduated and started college. Your time in high school will be an up and down day to day adventure. Just remember who you are! Yes, that sounds cheesy but the people you attend school with will change up on you. They might be your best friend one day and the next they are no longer speaking to you. As long as you have yourself, you can survive anything.

As for surviving high school, just know to move for upper classmen! Worst thing you could do is get in their way, especially when the football teams runs down the halls on game day (be sure to get to class early). Once you learn how the flow of the hallways goes you are golden! Next stop will be in class challenges like seating! Sure it is okay to sit by a friend or two but make sure you focus. Keep yourself out of trouble and focused and it will help later in life. By now you are probably tired of hearing people tell you that your future depends on these early years. In a way they truly do!

The habits you create now will lead over for your ways a few years down the road. The way you understand things now will help in advanced classes your senior year. The time you take now to focus and think ahead the better off you will be later in life. For the simple fact you started planning before everyone else. You can prepare for the good and the bad no matter the outcome of your future plans.

I will keep this halfway short and sweet, so live your high school experience to the fullest. Just don’t forget your grades matter no matter what grade you are in! Don’t go with the flow of the crowd. Be different, be your, find yourself in these very halls where I found myself. Nobody said it would be easy even with all the advice I could ramble on about. It will be challenging and it will be some of the worst and best times. So go enjoy what this school has to offer, and don’t be afraid to create your own path!


Your new friend,


Brooklynn Fye

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