Career Fair


This past Thursday our school hosted a career fair. Many local businesses had representatives here giving out information. My favorite booths included four health care representatives: Kelly Carden, Sally Young, Dustie Reed, and Michelle Nicholson. Carden is a nurse practitioner at Logansport Memorial hospital, Young works at Community Howard Replay and here as an athletic trainer, Reed works as a M.D. at Logansport Memorial Hospital. To me, all of these occupations could possibly be in my future. Overall, I believe athletic training would be the most fun.

Sally has been working here at Cass for 26 years. She treats athletes injuries and evaluated them. She has patients with wide varieties of injuries and makes the job interesting. Her weirdest injury she had involved a football player who sepsis in his humerus. This resulted in emergency surgery. On the other hand, every time there is an injury she has to fill out paperwork to keep on file. This system is called “Sportswear.” Every evaluation or injury Sally encounters, she files in this system.

When Sally was younger, she swam butterfly for twelve years. She ended up injuring her shoulder. Throughout her injury, she had four shoulder operations. After each operation, she had to go to physical therapy. This sparked her interest in this particular job. She also took and elective in her junior year of college and loved the class. While in college she also had to reach 1800 hours under a certified trainer, so she worked division one football for a year.

Physical therapy is a career that I would also like to pursue. I think I would be a great fit considering my athleticism. Talking with Sally and some of the other representatives convinced me that athletic training would be a great career choice. It sounds like a very fun job and trainers get to be involved in sports and watch many different games.

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