To the Incoming Sixth Graders

To the Incoming Sixth Graders


Dear incoming sixth grader,

This is the start of your jr. high and high school experience! There are a handful of things that I could say that would come in handy for you, but it is up to you to listen. Throughout school we all have those days, weeks, or even years where we just have no motivation to do our work or for the life of us cannot stay focused! Trust me, as the king of procrastination, I understand that lack of motivation to get my work done before it is due! Some of the key advice I can give is to persevere through that lack of motivation and find your drive to excel in school! School is often frustrating and can pull you into that motivationless pit, but do your best to stay on top of your work! The best way to stay on top of your work is to stay organized, do your best to miss as little school as possible, and DON’T PROCRASTINATE! If you do those three things and keep a routine, you should be pretty good on keeping your grades up!

In school you have the chance to participate in a lot of extra curricular activities that open a lot of doors for you to make new friends and later in life open some doors for you. The more you do the more fun you will have throughout high school. You don’t necessarily have to be in a club or play a sport, but just going to the sporting events or supporting a team here and there. In the first few years in high school, I didn’t go to many games. I did play sports, and through those sports I met some of my closest friends! I loved the sports I played, but I eventually stuck with one sport after my sophomore year. My advice is to play all the sports you love and if you have free time, go watch another sports team play. Get a group of friends to go help support and cheer on your fellow classmates! School spirit isn’t overrated and it makes school a lot more enjoyable if you actually participate in school activities!

School spirit is a big part of high school. Some people in school will say that school spirit is dumb or just “not for them.” I kind of thought that way at the beginning of school too, mostly because I didn’t want to dress up or look dumb, but school spirit days and themes for basketball or football are actually pretty cool if everyone is joined in together. Basketball and football games are ten times more fun if everyone is dressed in the theme and chanting at the game! If you just sit there all quiet not talking, it ruins all the fun and it is so much more enjoyable to burst out of your comfort zone and let loose! Don’t let other people’s opinions stop you from doing what you want to do. Make your high school experience the best that it can be for you!

High school is full of ups and downs. You will have your good days and bad days, we all do! You just need to be able to keep your head up and keep on trucking! You will make some great friends and lose some. You will find out who your real friends are eventually, but until then do your best to have a great time throughout your school years because they don’t last forever, and even though I’m glad mine is coming to an end, I know here someday I’ll miss all the memories! So live it up, work hard, play just as hard, and do the best you can do! You’ve got this!

Sincerely, Uriah Riemenschneider

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