Traditions become Legendary: History of Lewis Cass Kings

Class of 1964 55th reunion this summer

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Traditions become Legendary: History of Lewis Cass Kings


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The school we know now as Lewis Cass began as five different townships: Washington, Tipton, Miami, Deer Creek, and Jackson. As we interviewed Donna Percy and Betty Davis, members of the graduating class of 1964, we learned how the foundation of Lewis Cass was created. Most students and community members don’t know the history of Lewis Cass but back in 1964, the wheels of progress were just getting started within the building to have the first ever Lewis Cass graduation.

Students at Lewis Cass today have never questioned how we became known as Lewis Cass and why we are considered the Kings. Although the students didn’t get to vote on the school name as Lewis Cass, they had the opportunity to vote for the nickname of the school. They had two choices: the Generals or the Kings. Although some students voted for the Generals because the founder of Cass County was General Lewis Cass, the majority of the students saw the originality in the nickname of the Kings. With majority ruling, the five townships came together to become the first ever Lewis Cass Kings.

After deciding the nickname of their new school, the class of 1964 had to begin choosing their school colors. Putting each township’s pride in consideration, the students combined all the townships colors to become our red, white, and navy we know today. As the townships continued creating their school with all of its colors, they also had to think about their school song that could last throughout generations. While thinking of this, band director Roger Storckman put the tune of “Wave the Flag” and finally created the song that makes every football game memorable at Lewis Cass.

Becoming the Kings, the school thought what could represent the Lewis Cass Kings better than a crown! While the students were trying to figure out what type of crown should be used, Miss Patsie Ronk, the speech teacher, had a creative mind and decided to draw the centerpiece of our school.The crown was chosen by the students and with the liking of the design, the crown was created. Although this crown has been tradition over the past generations, students that had the opportunity to see the first ever crown design have said they see no reason to have a change with the crown and recreate the 13 we had in the past years. With this being said, we feel that our newest design shows a sense of pride for the mix between the very first crown with a new “vibe” for the next generations ahead.

Just like today, the 1960’s consisted of several clubs and sports such as basketball, football, pep club, the Courier, etc…. However, today’s generation missed out on a few different activities and clubs including pom pom girls (school- spirit dancers with pom poms) , twirlers (baton dancers), sunshine society (social group that sponsored all dances), and AV club (repair and supply movie film for every Friday night movie night). With the idea of these past clubs, we believe that the various types of clubs given back then were more “free spirited” and diverse, allowing everyone to have a chance to try something new without being judged. Hopefully as the years go on, Lewis Cass will continue to strive for diverse and fun clubs just as they did in 1964.

Overall, the class of 1964 started our foundation for us students to become the proud Kings we are today. Although our school has progressively changed, we can’t thank our past generations enough for creating the traditions we cherish today. From the loud football games to our crazy pep rallies, these traditions and memories will always be with us together.

“We are proud of what Lewis Cass has become over the years. As the first class ever, we are proud of what we have created, but love to watch how it grows throughout the years with tradition.” -Betty Davis

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