Open Letter to Upcoming Sixth Grader



To the little kid that starts their journey,

Congratulations! You are finally a sixth grader! I hope you are excited as I was when I first came to Lewis Cass. I know it’s bigger than the elementary school, but I know you’ll fit right in with all of us. You may be nervous at the beginning, thinking about all the classes around the school and having to make new friends with others. Trust me, I know how it feels. When I first moved to Lewis Cass, I was nervous to start a new school just like you. I was too scared to make friends my first year and when I finally got the confidence to meet new people, I met my best friend. This is the experience I want you to have. Don’t be scared of the others around the school. You may not have classes with your best friend but having classes with complete strangers is an opportunity to make more. Although you may be the “littlest” group in the school, which is funny because most of the sixth graders are taller than me, you will also feel like the most important grade in the school. You have really cool teachers, where some of them I had, and also make really cool memories as you participate in pep rallies, clubs, and sports here at Lewis Cass. The “little” group turns into the best group and the most fun group around school!

Although school is always about fun, this is also the time to think about your grades. Yes you may only be a sixth grader and senior year seems so far away, but the time flies faster than you think. Keep on task on every assignment you’ll be given, ALWAYS ask questions, and study for every test coming towards you. This part does sound boring and annoying but I wish I could have been prepared before I hit high school. Your grades do matter and after doing the hard work, those A’s will make you feel good and feel successful. Kids may look at you and call you a nerd or whatever kids can do to be mean, but don’t let them get to you. I wanted to fit right in with all the “cool” kids in my grade and with that, I needed to change myself. Now you may be reading this and saying, “I should do that too.” Well, don’t do this. I realized that I didn’t have to change a single thing about myself to fit in. Be proud of who you are and the things you do that makes you, you. Be that “outgoing” kid that people want to look at, be the “nerd” that gets all the good grades and becomes successful, and be the “caring” kid that always help everyone. Kids can be rude these days but at the end of the day, you are yourself and nothing will change that.

Finally, enjoy this journey. High school and school in general is a crazy place to be in. You’ll experience your first crush, your first love, your first F on a test, and everything else in between. You’ll find new friends that’ll stick with you all through school and you’ll have friends that disappear over the years. You’ll have all these experiences that prepares you for not only graduation, but for life. Now as you go out and start sixth grade, be the best you can be. You’ll make mistakes, break promises, and be a little rebellious as the years past. Although I may not be here when you start, I know that these things will happen and that’s okay. Mistakes happen and that is just part of life. As you step into school in August, I wish you the best of luck and I am so happy for you to start your journey as a Lewis Cass King!

Best of Luck,

The Best Senior Ever

Megan Dishon

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